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Taylor got her hands on a flare gun, courtesy of Jimmy Cooper's love of boating (but... what's it doing at Dr. Neil's? Why would Julie bring that with her when she moved in? Whatever) and she is locked and loaded. Summer doesn't like this plan, but more noise downstairs makes it apparent that they have no choice but to confront the dangerous burglar.

Taylor takes a corner, Charlie's Angels style, while Summer provides backup with the flashlight. They make their way to the kitchen, and there's the looter. Taylor orders him to stop or she'll shoot. The looter turns towards them, and Taylor shoves Summer out of the way before doing an epic maneuver of a barrel-roll across the floor, standing, and firing the flare gun. Unfortunately, all that comes out is a crappy CGI effect of a sparkly orb flying through the kitchen, taking out a chandelier, and then landing on the perpetrator's foot. A decidedly female voice cries out in pain. It's Mrs. T! "Taylor, you shot me!" she gasps. Aww, I'm so glad she showed up. Extra characters like Gary: bad. Extra characters like Mrs. T: good.

Back from commercial, Mrs. T says she was worried about Taylor and all it got her was an injured toe. She mutters that she'll ignore her maternal instincts from now on. I guess someone shot her heart with a flare gun, too. You know, if you're self-aware enough about your shitty parenting skills to make a joke about it, you might want to, like, go to therapy and work on how to stop being such a horrible person. I will never understand parents who treat their own children badly. It doesn't even make sense on a purely scientific, biological level. Mrs. T. says she'll need to see a plastic surgeon "right away" to fix her toe. Too bad Newport's only plastic surgeon is in Seattle forever and ever! That's the best excuse they could come up with to get Mrs. T, Taylor, and Summer to the hospital? Lame. Taylor says there's no way to get to the hospital, so Mrs. T will just have to deal. Then Summer comes in with Pancakes, who she found limping in the garage. Everyone cares a lot more about Pancakes than they do Mrs. T. Summer says she is going to get help for Pancakes. Her reasons for this are threefold: she's worried about Seth, she's worried about Pancakes, and she can't listen to anymore of Mrs. T's whining. Taylor can't listen to it either, and tells Mrs. T to sit tight while she and Summer go to the hospital with Pancakes. Mrs. T can't believe that Pancakes is getting better treatment than her. See how it feels, Mother of the Year. Summer has an idea of how they can all get to the hospital.

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