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Last time on The O.C.: Sandy tried to get Carter laid by a girl named Erin; Seth lied about Reed's sex and Summer found out; Trey hooked up with a girl who took drugs and passed out in Marissa's pool; he then decided that chivalry was not only dead, but genetic, and took the fall for Marissa when the cops busted her party.

The episode begins in the Cohen kitchen. There, the excitement is tangible: Seth pours himself a bowl of cereal, and Ryan drinks coffee. But you know, I suspect neither of them really means it. They're both thinking about how they can quickly rehash what happened last week, but make it sound like a normal conversation. "Hey," Seth begins, sitting down next to Ryan and patting him. "You can't blame yourself. All you did was give Trey a chance, and you believed in him. Whatever he did at Marissa's party is on him." Ryan frets that the problem is, he doesn't actually think Trey did it: "He's a lot of things, but I don't think he's a drug dealer." Seth, ever mindful of his mandate in this scene, helpfully reminds us that Trey confessed to the crime. Ryan suspects that was a ploy to protect Marissa, and the reason he knows this is because he was about to do exactly the same thing. "The compulsive need to rescue Marissa Cooper," sighs Seth. "Must be in the Atwood DNA." Which means that if Marissa gets herself pregnant by an Atwood, she'll have herself an army of unusually self-sacrificing stooges. Seth says with very sweet faith that if Trey really is innocent, then Sandy will make it all go away.

Sandy overhears this last comment, having just arrived home with Trey, and intones that he isn't so sure he can fix this. Ryan and Trey make some meaningful eye contact, until Ryan runs up and gives his brother a supportive cuddle. Trey is relieved that Ryan isn't mad. "Why would I be mad?" Ryan says. "You didn't do it, right?" Way to attach a condition to your unwavering support, there, Ryan. Trey swears he didn't do it and reasserts that it was all for Marissa. Everything is for Marissa, selfless angel of mercy, hapless victim, and friend to all. The Canonization of Coop is proceeding on schedule. "If gallantry and/or stupidity were defenses to felony dealing charges, you'd be a free man," Sandy notes wearily. He dispatches Trey -- who is temporarily in Sandy's custody -- to the poolhouse to get settled, because apparently Atwoods aren't Main House people. Sandy levels them with the news that Trey is facing some major prison time, and goes to make some phone calls, leaving Ryan and Seth alone to scheme. "We have to do something," says Ryan, figuring if it's true that men with big noses also have big...hands...then he can certainly fit the law inside his grasp. "Okay, but the buddy-cop thing, that's just a metaphor," Seth sputters. "We're not actually supposed to solve crimes." Yet Ryan decides that finding the real culprit is the best way to help, and Seth realizes he's talking about a hot high-school sting operation: "That would be very 21 Jump Street of you." "Whatever it takes," Ryan avers. "Okay, I get to be Richard Grieco," Seth announces. We smash to the credits.

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