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Previously: lots of shenanigans led up to Kirsten getting in a massive car wreck -- but in this brief recap, we're not shown the catastrophic wreckage, because it makes it too ridiculous that she escapes with her skull intact.

We're treated to a respite from Cohen Kitchen openers this week, in favor of a late-night visit by Seth to Ryan's poolhouse. His whispered sweet nothings aren't enough to rouse Ryan, so Seth sits down and booms something in a really deep voice that sends Ryan rocketing up out of his bed. I can't tell if it's a Trey or Marissa imitation, but if it's the latter, Seth still gave it too much ovary. "What time is it?" grunts Ryan. "It's 5:30....ish," Seth coughs. "You're showing up earlier and earlier," Ryan mutters. Seth figures it's just smart planning, because they have so much to gossip about; Ryan, however, is bored by the idea of having to rehash Summer washing those comic-book geeks right out of her hair, so he turns off the light and tries to sleep again. But Seth is a needy boy with conversational blue balls that won't be soothed until he can blow a verbal wad. He turns the light on again and explains to Ryan that there is a new wrinkle: prom. "I have to convince Summer to go with me," he says. "We as a couple must partake in the magical rite of passage known as The Prom." Ryan isn't that interested in the magic that ensues when you put pretty people in fancy clothes, give them a bad DJ and limos stocked with booze, and watch them self-destruct and spill their insides all over a Friar Tux special. Seth prefers to think of it as a romantic night of cheek-to-cheek swaying and a corsage. Apparently, in fifth grade, Seth sat behind Summer and Marissa in computer class and heard the girls fantasizing about prom. "Really honed my eavesdropping skills that year," he muses. "The point is, Summer has forever dreamed of going to the prom, and I, in turn, would dream of going with her." Ryan crabs that when Seth's dream shatters like so many tiny bottles of vodka in a sixteen-year-old's dropped clutch purse, he'll be in good company: Ryan isn't going either. Seth tsks that just because Ryan saw Trey leaving Marissa's house, it doesn't mean Trey is partaking of the forbidden donut. "Then what does it mean?" Ryan asks, sitting in a way that makes his triceps pop. "Maybe he's borrowing something, like...a book, or one of her newsboy caps," Seth says. Awesome. Ryan still thinks some hanky-panky ensued, and would very much like to talk to her about it, but she seems insistent that he not know.

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