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Theresa and Ryan are also having a morning meeting, where they discuss the time and place of their very first kiss. It was at Theresa's sixth birthday, when Ryan the Reluctant Dancer ran away from the dance floor, so she tracked him down and kissed him, for those of you keeping track at home. Ryan is happy to have the memory back when Theresa reminds him of it, and they laugh. Then Ryan asks her to the prom.

Marissa shows up at Volchok's place to invite him to the prom. Geez, everyone on this show is a Last-Minute Louie. Don't people usually plan for the prom, like, a month in advance? I know I did -- there's the dress to buy and have altered and the hair appointments to make and the date to get and the limo to rent and all that. You can't just do it overnight. Unless you live in The O.C., I guess.

At the diner, Seth's order of pancakes arrives, and he begs Summer to take a seat at his booth and look at them. She does, and we see "Prom?" has been spelled out in chocolate chips. Summer disgustedly pushes the plate away. That looks like a "No" to me.

Theresa is hesitant to accept Ryan's invitation, saying that she's sort of seeing a guy she works with. Ryan says he should go get ready for school anyway. I can't BELIEVE how much stuff these kids get accomplished before school. I'm lucky if I can get a freaking shower accomplished before I go to work in the morning, let alone having to actually carry on a conversation with someone.

At Volchock's. While Marissa displays the worst posture I've ever seen on a living human, Volchok turns down her generous prom invitation.

Back at the diner, Summer mentions Anna, saying that pancakes and chocolate chips won't make her forget that Seth has been seeing her behind her back. It's not like Summer's the sharpest knife in the drawer, though, so I can't blame Seth for thinking that would work.

After some thought, Theresa tells Ryan that her mother loves babysitting. Looks like Ryan has a prom date!

Volchok says he never went to prom back when he was in high school in the late '80s because he never got close enough to graduation to do it. Marissa says that's fine; now he'll get to experience it and he'll have Marissa there to "protect" him. She even uses her creepiest baby voice when she says that, just to make Volchok feel as little like a man as possible. He accepts her invitation.

Summer, however, tells Seth she'd rather feed him to sharks if they were on a deserted island than go to the prom with him. Hey, settle down there, Sue Hawk!

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