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Summer listens to her prom date's hit CD. His band is called "Big Korea," which doesn't have the trendy tongue-in-cheek cache as, let's say, a band called "Big Japan," whose members aren't Japanese, and one of whom is a rich little actor pretending to be emo. Nice try, though, Big Korea. While Summer complains about Young-Na's apparent lack of talent, Marissa holds up an ugly piece of fabric and asks Summer whether she thinks Volchok will like it. I mean, I guess, although I think it's a little too early in your relationship for you to be putting your window dressings all over the guy's apartment -- oh. Oh, no. That's not a's Marissa's prom dress. Heinous! Summer keeps talking about herself, though, and Marissa quickly loses interest, and, instead, starts studying the myriad of folds in her tablecloth of a gown. Summer opens her desk drawer and pulls out -- you guessed it! -- Seth's napkin of confessions. She throws it in an envelope, saying that it's time for Sandy and Kirsten to know what their son has really been up to lately. Marissa begs Summer not to, saying that it won't accomplish anything and that Seth may be telling the truth about nothing going on between him and Anna. Plus, it could bore them to death. It's just about killed me to have to watch it, that's for sure. Just then, Anna, "Woman of the Worst Timing Ever," knocks on the bedroom door and walks right in. Marissa's look of shock and horror is pretty great here.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything," Anna says. Oh, Anna -- you're ALWAYS interrupting something. Marissa greets Anna, and then makes a quick departure from the room, which you can't really blame her for. I wouldn't have even stopped to say hello to Anna as I ran as far away from her as possible. "I need you..." Summer calls after Marissa. But Marissa is long gone, having made a quick escape by turning sideways and slipping through the floorboards. So Summer turns to Anna, who just grins at her like a freaking moron. Finally, Anna remembers how to speak and tells Summer that she and Seth are not together and that Summer misunderstood their airport hug. Summer's not buying it, and pretty much pushes Anna out the door, saying that she has to get ready for her prom date, the huge Korean rock star. Anna asks whether she can go with Seth to the prom if Summer isn't, which goes a long way to convince Summer that Anna doesn't see anything in Seth. As soon as Anna's gone, Summer determinedly licks that envelope closed.

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