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Seth and Ryan discuss Seth's plans for tonight. Seth tells Ryan Anna's plan: when Summer sees Seth and Anna together, she'll come to her senses and realize that she can't live without the guy who dumped her. And despite his denials that he's not seeing Anna, has shown up at the freaking prom with her in order to shove her in Summer's face. Yes, I'm sure Summer will realize what a prize you are when confronted with that reality, Seth. Seth and Ryan are both dubious of this plan, but Seth thinks they should leave it to Anna, who has "more knowledge of the female psyche" than they do. Except that I'm pretty sure that Anna doesn't have more knowledge than anyone about anything. Anna enters the room wearing her prom dress and the same hairstyle she's had every time we've seen her. Impressive.

Summer and Marissa -- wearing their plain and ugly prom dresses, respectively -- study a picture of them with their former boyfriends back in the days when they all dressed more like normal teenagers.

Volchok tries to tie his tie. But he doesn't know how, and he doesn't have a Sandy Cohen around to show him. So he gives up, and drinks more beer. Open collar -- it's a good look.

Summer and Taylor Townsend arrive at Sung-Ho's house, and Summer is introduced to her date. Several bows are exchanged in a scene that reminds us that Charlie Chan-style humor never disappeared.

Theresa arrives at the Cohens', and Ryan is happy to see her.

For some reason, Sung-Ho's entire family has followed Taylor Townsend and Summer to the Cohens for the prom photos. And yet, Taylor Townsend's family is nowhere in sight. Seth says Summer's date reminds him of a guy from the anime Full Metal Alchemist. I'd say he was right, but I don't really know anything about anime other than that stuff I said about the big eyes and mouths earlier. Marissa and a tie-less Volchok arrive, and Ryan shakes Volchok's hand before Ryan's pounced on by Taylor Townsend, who demands his and Seth's share of the after-party donation money. Sandy steps up to hand her the cash, and Volchok watches with interest as she puts it in her bag. While everyone else leaves to take prom photos outside, Summer goes off to Sandy's office to put the confession letter on his desk (which has a picture of Seth on it, but nothing of Ryan), and Volchok walks off in search of a bathroom, a.k.a. Taylor Townsend's purse.

The kids have their prom photos taken. Big Korea mugs a lot. Marissa is alone. Ha ha. Taylor Townsend and her boyfriend look really cute together. I spend most of this sequence trying to figure out what kind of camera everyone has, since I have to buy a new one to replace the one that was stolen from me, and I have no idea what brand to get.

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