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Ryan goes searching for Volchok, now entering the fifteenth minute of his bathroom break, and finds him in the study just as Volchok's about to get his hands on that after-party money. Volchok quickly starts filling his flask with some of the hard alcohol Sandy likes to leave open around his house, a house which is occupied by a recently recovering alcoholic and two underage, mischievous boys, and Ryan is none the wiser. He is sure to tell Volchok that if he screws prom night up for Marissa, he'll come after him. Volchok doesn't seem too scared of that.

Finally, we're at the prom (theme: Pirates!) which looks more like a Halloween ball than a prom to me. First of all, it's being held in the Harbor gym, whereas my high school prom was held at a classy banquet hall and we had dinner and everything. Like, it wasn't just a dance. And this one even has stupid people in pirate costumes walking around! Lame! Although I will say that that pirate ship is pretty cool. Everyone compliments Taylor Townsend on her prom organizing skills, including Marissa, who says it's "way better" than anything she could have planned. Taylor Townsend is touched, and says, with her typical cluelessness when it comes to human interaction, that she's always known she was better than Marissa at Social Chair stuff, and is thrilled to hear Marissa finally acknowledge it. Volchok awesomely laughs at this.

Anna and Seth proceed with Phase Two of Anna's plan, which involves Seth and Anna hugging and telling each other how happy they are to be at prom together. Anna's plan sure does make a lot of good things happen for Anna, doesn't it? How strange! Summer does not rush to Seth's side and beg him to take her back, but, rather, goes rushing to Volchok's side and begs for his flask and its contents.

On her way to put her purse full o'cash down someplace inconspicuous and yet unattended, Taylor Townsend just happens to run into American Idol contestant Lisa Tucker, who actually turns out to be a decent actress, but still doesn't get to be in a scene with any of the real castmembers. Probably because she would show them up.

Volchok isn't having a great time at prom. He wants to step out and smoke some "kush," and how nice his life must be that he can have no obvious mode of income besides the occasional construction job. And yet he can afford to live in such a huge place and buy high-quality weed. Marissa turns his offer down, saying that she wants to actually enjoy her prom, as marijuana apparently makes you sad now. But Volchok won't be alone, as some weird woman with huge hair overheard the conversation, and is willing to accompany him outside.

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