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So now Ryan has to find Volchok. He's not too hard to locate, though, because he's making out with that giant-haired girl on the balcony of some office. Ryan's not too happy to see him, and even less pleased when Marissa comes up behind him. He tries to cover for Volchok and make Marissa search elsewhere, but Marissa squeezes past Ryan and finds Volchok with the girl anyway. "Oh, my God," she states. Volchok just looks angry that his nasty make-out session has to end now. He shoves the girl away, and then gets a wicked slap across the face from Marissa. And I mean a HELL of a slap. I'm surprised she didn't take his jawbone off with that. He takes a minute to recover, then asks Marissa what she expected from him, dragging him out and parading him around in front of her rich kid friends. He wasn't about to turn into a "bitch boy" like Ryan. At this, Ryan steps forward, ready for a fight. What is he even doing there still, anyway? This is none of his business. Butt out, Ryan. "You're nothing like [Ryan]," Marissa responds tearfully; "Clearly. I was wrong about you." "Finally, you're learning," Volchok says. And he leaves so Marissa can put her hand to her forehead and assume her grief pose. Ryan puts his arm around her like a bitch boy.

After dinner, Julie and Kirsten put the dishes away. Julie asks Kirsten how she's doing, and Kirsten admits that she drank last week. But she hasn't had a drink since and has been attending AA meeting every day. Julie insists that Kirsten tell Sandy about this, but Kirsten doesn't think she should say that the stress of their marriage is causing her to drink. "That's exactly what you should say," Julie says. Or maybe Kirsten should go to therapy in addition to her AA meetings and find a way to handle her shit without resorting to the drinking that ruined her life and those of the people around her instead of blaming Sandy for her problems. Kirsten says that she doesn't want the threat of her drinking to be the only thing that keeps her marriage together.

People party down at the Bait Shop. Upstairs, Ryan assures Marissa that he told the doorman not to let Volchok in (like Volchok really seemed interested enough in the prom to want to attend its offshoot parties). Marissa goes off to get a drink, and sneaks into a back room with a liquor bottle.

Summer is also in the back room, lying down and trying to recover from her overconsumption. Anna and Seth come to visit her, and Anna pronounces it time to begin Phase Three, in which Seth realizes that the only way he can win Summer back is to tell her the fucking truth already because Phases One and Two failed so horribly. Somehow, I don't think Anna had this planned all along. First of all, I don't think she has the brain capacity to think that far ahead, and second of all, because that plan really sucked, and involved her coming to Newport for no good reason. Anna takes her leave of the ex-couple, saying she'll seem them both in Providence. Oh, good.

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