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The Lady Prevaricates

Summer arrives on deck with the Chipster, who's obviously heavily stoned. "The ocean is, like, so vast," he wows. "I feel so...." "Insignificant?" Summer offers. "Yeah," agrees the oblivious Chipster. Heh. Summer gets rid of him by sending him to the bar. She catches sight of Anna meeting Seth's extended family and fidgets, nervously twisting her fingers around.

Downstairs, Lady Heather works her way through the crowd to Ryan's side at the bar. "Good party," he offers. "Thank you," she smiles, before conspiratorially adding, "and thank you for not telling Marissa." "She was pretty excited about you maybe getting back together with her dad," he warns. Lady Heather gazes at him quietly, perhaps wondering how far the punk from Chino is willing to take this. Ryan drops the polite routine and levels with her: "You may be comfortable lying to Marissa, but I'm not." "It's my life," Lady Heather scoffs. "My daughter." "My girlfriend," Ryan counters. "Stay out of this," Lady Heather orders him, shaking her head a bit. "It's none of your business." Ryan shoots her a filthy look and leaves.

Topside, Summer jealously watches from afar as Seth and Anna friskily poke at each other and giggle on the bow. Or whatever that pointy bit of the yacht is. Like I know from boats. Marissa approaches her with, "How goes it with Chip?" "He's surprised the ocean is big," Summer sneers dismissively. "Smoke another beer, Chip." Hee. "What is Seth Cohen doing with Tinkerbell?" she rages to Marissa. "She's from Pittsburgh! That's, like, the 909 of the east!" The 909 is, of course, home to the much-maligned Chino, and given that I hate Pittsburgh as much as Summer apparently does, she'll get no argument from me. "You're jealous!" Marissa, ever the rocket scientist, observes. "You like Seth Cohen!" she teases as Summer pretends to look like she's going to hurl at the very idea. "You liiiike him!" Marissa sings, getting all up in Summer's face as Summer squeals things like, "No! Stop it! Ew!" Summer insists, "I can't like Seth Cohen." "He's, like, Seth Cohen." "Well, that's too bad," Marissa needles with a saucy flip of her hair, "'cause he likes you!" Summer's expression shoots from revulsion to desire and back again in the space of two seconds. Cute scene, and Mischa Barton looks a lot more like a teenager when she's actually, you know, acting like one. Ease up on the Joey-esque angst you keep saddling her with, guys. It's not doing her or this show any favors.

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