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The Lady Prevaricates

Back in the bar, Ryan urges Marissa to leave, just as Lady Heather's graciously calling for a round of applause for Caleb's contributions to the event. Marissa doesn't want her mother "to get away with it," and refuses to go.

Meanwhile, Summer tosses Seth up against a bulkhead and kisses him. They break apart, and then kiss again with even greater urgency. Summer then shoves Seth away: "Oh, God! No!" "Uh, what's happening here?" Seth wonders as Summer backs away from him and collapses onto a bench. "I like Seth Cohen!" she wails, with a look of utter mortification on her face. "You, ah, what now?" he asks, sitting next to her. "Nothing!" she spouts. "I wasn't talking to you! And if you tell anyone what you heard here? I'll kill you." She leaps to her feet and skitters away, leaving the gobsmacked Seth to gape and stammer incoherently to himself. Another cute scene.

Bar. Lady Heather introduces her "beautiful daughter" to the assembled guests, and calls Marissa to the stage to announce the winner of "the romantic getaway raffle." Marissa takes the microphone from her mother with a sly smirk on her face and calls, "How about another round of applause for my mom, and for Caleb Nichol?" Lady Heather basks in the adulation. "After all their hard work," Marissa continues, "if anyone deserves a romantic getaway for two, it's my mom and Caleb." Lady Heather freezes, and then slowly turns to shoot daggers at her daughter with her eyes. "Aren't they the perfect couple?" Marissa asks the goggling throng. Caleb shifts uneasily from foot to foot. Jimmy's stunned. Were The Bad Seed capable of human emotion, she'd be about to cry. "They've been keeping their romance a secret," Marissa continues, "but tonight? The secret's out." She flips the mike back to Lady Heather with a scornful "Congratulations, you guys." Ryan smirks at his girlfriend's brassy cojones while Kirsten chokes back the little bit of vomit she just involuntarily coughed up into her mouth. Marissa manages to keep it together until she's exited the room, at which point she leans against the side of the boat and, closing her eyes, cries a bit. Ryan takes in the stunned reaction to Marissa's tirade, and then silently passes through the guests to leave. Lady Heather passes the microphone to The Bad Seed while hissing, "Don't start with me" at Jimmy. Jimmy snickers and says, "After tonight, I'm done with you. You're Caleb's problem now." The oily photographer snaps a couple of shots of Lady Heather's humiliation, and The Bad Seed tops things off by announcing Kirsten and Sandy as the raffle winners. What are the odds, people? What are the odds?

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