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Out on the deck, Kirsten lounges on one of the chairs with the newspaper and some coffee. Haggard Sandy ambles out of the house to apologize for canceling their "date" the prior evening. "Is Rachel's boyfriend as understanding as I am?" Kirsten fishes. "Rachel doesn't have a boyfriend," Sandy admits. "Mmm," Kirsten hums with a smile. "Go figure." "You know," she adds, looking up from the paper, "some people who don't like their lives make work their life." Sandy insists that she's not talking about him, and adds that if their settlement conference goes well, he could be home by 6 that evening. "Is that a bribe, counselor?" she grins. They mack, but quickly pull apart when Ryan jogs up the stairs. He offers them a cute little wave before disappearing into the pool house. "Did you have the talk?" Kirsten asks. "I like to lead by example," Sandy smooves, and he and Kirsten mack some more.

School. Ryan and Seth wander through the halls, chatting about the benefit. Ryan twists Seth's arm until he agrees to tag along to the thing, and suggests that Seth ask Anna if she'd like to accompany him. Seth hikes over to Anna's locker and invites her to the benefit by promising that they'll spend the entire evening "in a corner, quietly mocking people." Anna -- who's wearing an assy newsboy cap, distracting dangly earrings, and far too much eyeliner and rouge -- asks if Summer will be there as well. Seth vows that he doesn't care, and promises never to mention her in front of Anna again. Anna allows herself a smile and agrees to Seth's plan. Wash some of that crap off your face, girl.

Caleb's Cabal Of Environmental Destruction That Nobody Cares About. Settlement meeting. Yawn. The Homewrecking Slut claims that it's only a matter of time before the state snaps up the boringly imperiled wetlands through eminent domain. Caleb wonders what "the Land Trust" is offering for the property. Sandy slides him a pad of paper with a presumably low figure penciled in on the top sheet. Caleb declares the meeting over and rises to leave. Sandy sneers, Caleb accuses him of boning The Homewrecking Slut, Sandy promises to take Caleb down in court, and Sandy and The Homewrecking Slut leave. "I think I hit a nerve," Caleb whispers into his daughter's ear. "Kiki" looks as tired and irritated with the whole thing as I do.

Casa Cooper. "I forgot I had this dress," Marissa notes, wandering from the depths of her ginormous walk-in closet with a hideous rag composed of randomly selected and patterned swatches of fabric that have been stitched into skimpy and eye-searing atrocity. "Happens to me all the time," Ryan sardonically mutters as he collapses onto the bed. Ryan tries to back out of his commitment, claiming that every time he attends a social function in Newport, somebody gets into a fight. He's got a point, but Marissa insists that he'll be fine. Lady Heather knocks on the door and enters to make with the doting-mother routine again, asking Marissa if she'd like to spend Friday night in her old room. Marissa declines, but gratefully thanks her mother for the offer anyway. Lady Heather plucks the skimpy and eye-searing atrocity from her daughter's hands and waxes nostalgic about the trip they made to Beverly Hills to buy the monstrosity. "We saw Catherine Zeta-Jones," Lady Heather enthuses. Ryan nods his head, all, "Terrific!" Heh. Lady Heather sends Marissa off to fetch her foul sister so that they all can head down to the yacht to finish up the prep work for the following evening's party. Marissa tosses a worried glance at Ryan, but heads out into the hallway anyway. Lady Heather watches her go, and then turns back to Ryan. "I know that you and I haven't always seen eye-to-eye," she tells him, "but I want to say that I'm sorry. You really care about [Marissa], and I'm hoping that this party will be a chance for us to start fresh -- a celebration of a new beginning." "I don't really like boats," Ryan slurs warily. Lady Heather purses her lips, grants him a pleading look, and begs, "Please?" "All right," Ryan shrugs, indulging her with a small smile. "Thank you," she breathes, crossing to him and drawing him into a hug. Ryan looks for all the world like he's trapped in the embrace of a Golem intent on squeezing the life force right out of his body. Marissa, however, is delighted to find this display of affection waiting for her when she returns from wrangling her hellspawn sibling. "Let's get to the boat, huh?" Lady Heather perks with a bright smile. Marissa offers Ryan a toothy grin as he trails after her mother into the hall.

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