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Gone Fishin'

Seth and Ryan hang out in Seth's room for a change. Seth tells Ryan that his decision to trade high school in for schools of fish is stupid, but Ryan says it's the best option he has. Except for, you know, finishing high school and then getting a job, or finishing high school and going to whatever college will accept him despite Dean Evil's note, and I'm sure they exist. Seth says he has a "plan" to get Ryan back into Harbor. Ryan doesn't have much faith in it. They head to a dinner that neither of them wants to attend.

Marissa has similar feelings as Summer pulls her car up to the Cohen house. Summer tells her to try to make the best of things.

Everyone eats Kirsten's homemade pad thai, and the fact that they're using that as a distraction should show you exactly how averse they are to actually talking to each other. Kirsten brightly explains that she substituted shrimp for tofu, which Marissa likes, since she's not in a seafood mood. Silence. Sandy makes an attempt to break the ice by declaring his love of all things tofu, such as tofuna, tofurkey, and to-bagels with cream to-cheese. It doesn't work. Silence. Kirsten asks Ryan what his captain will be like. Ryan non-answers. Silence. Marissa asks if he'll have an eye-patch, peg-leg, and shoulder-parrot. Silence. Summer entertains no one except me with her parrot impression. Silence. Ryan reveals that it was Johnny who got him this job, and Marissa decides to leave. She takes the keys from Summer and thanks Sandy and Kirsten for dinner. They make half-hearted attempts to get her to stay, and Ryan follows her out. Silence. Summer's Sidekick vibrates to life. "Taylor took the bait," she announces. Wow, Taylor is an idiot.

Ryan catches up to Marissa. He says he doesn't want to leave "like this." "Then don't leave," Marissa says. Yeah, that'll work.

The next day, Ryan finishes packing his bags as Sandy and Kirsten ask him to reconsider his decision. Sandy admits that his mind-meld didn't work as well as he'd hoped, and that fishing is not the answer to Ryan's problems. At the very least, Ryan can finish high school, go to a good community college, and then get into a four-year school from there. Ryan says it's not that easy when you come from his family. "We're your family now," Sandy says. Except when he makes parental decisions without consulting Kirsten and Seth refers to them as his parents and not Ryan's. Ryan says he's not an Atwood anymore, but that he's not a Cohen either: "I don't know what I am." He's hoping to figure it out on the open ocean. Sandy says that the poolhouse is always open for Ryan. Ryan hugs his not-parents goodbye.

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