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Marissa and Ryan walk over to a wobbly public school lunch table, where Marissa's annoying friends greet her and her visitor, who is allowed to hang out on school grounds despite his non-student status. Stupid Chili gets things off on an awkward foot by telling Ryan that he's "pretty," with his "chiseled jaw" and "deep soulful eyes." If Ryan ever dies, Chili says he'll be more than happy to swoop in to "take care of [Ryan's] woman." What a gesture. Ryan and Johnny greet each other, and Ryan apologizes for his behavior last week. Johnny says he understands; Ryan reacted like anyone would if he saw his "girl" talking to a strange guy. Marissa needs to meet people who regard woman as humans rather than possessions. Casey asks if they'd like to sit down at their table, like, no, Casey, they were just hovering around you with their lunch trays because they wanted to stand and eat. Marissa and Ryan sit down, and the Public Skool Kidz are psyched to hear Ryan's exciting tale of punching the Dean out and landing in homeschool, where he never seems to be at home or doing school. Johnny wishes he could be homeschooled, too, which is what every kid wants until he meets someone who actually is homeschooled. Sorry to put you homeschooled kids down, but the majority of you turn out weird, usually at a rate proportional rate to your intelligence. I speak from experience: when I was in eleventh grade, this girl enrolled in our school after spending her childhood being homeschooled in her house way back in the woods. She was two years younger than everyone, which put her at a social disadvantage already, and when she wasn't screaming out the answers to math problems with her loud-ass voice and wearing bonnets, she was writing articles for the school newspaper about how stupid her supposed honors classmates were and how they showed that the public education system is just a mediocrity mill. The last straw was when she turned our entire English class in for cheating on the Walden test. Yes, cheating is wrong, but...have you ever read Walden? Chapter 7 is about beans, for god's sake! Anyway, Johnny shares that he grew up in Brea, which is apparently a lot like Chino, so Ryan and Johnny bond over that. The womenfolk (I include Chili in that group) go get some frozen yogurt to give the guys a chance to bond. What kind of fancy-dancey public school has a frozen yogurt machine? Come on, now! Also, I like Casey's shirt.

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