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The doorbell rings, and Kirsten lets the unannounced and uninvited 7 'n 7 into the kitchen. Kirsten introduces Julie to 7 'n 7 as her friend from SURIAK. Julie asks if 7 'n 7 was a doctor there, which, if 7 'n 7 isn't volunteering the information, it's pretty safe to assume that she was the one paying to be at SURIAK, not being paid to be there. At this, Julie immediately begs off because she doesn't want to hang out with people who have actually faced and done something about their problems. 7 'n 7 totally checks out Julie's ass as she leaves, and Jeri Ryan really needs to learn the difference between the "scheming" and the "sexy" look if her character isn't supposed to be a lesbian. 7 'n 7 apologizes to Kirsten for being a rude git and not calling before she came over. She hopes she didn't scare Julie away. Kirsten says it takes a lot to scare Julie, since "she's married to [Kirsten's] dad." Interesting use of present tense there. 7 'n 7 comments on the size of Julie's ring, and Kirsten says that's about all Julie got from Kirsten's dad. 7 'n 7 checks out Julie's condominium brochure as Kirsten goes to fix her a salad. Apparently she stuffs a few croutons in her ears as she does this because she doesn't hear 7 'n 7 pretty much screaming to herself that Julie must be feeling very vulnerable right now. The scene ends before 7 'n 7 can throw her head back and laugh evilly and put a fake moustache on her face so she can twirl it.

Summer once again tries to convince Marissa to go to the college fair, but Marissa claims that she has to study for a Trig exam. You know she's lying because they don't teach higher math in public school. Summer's like, "Okay, whatever," and leaves the room. Marissa calls after her that she'll be fine, even though Summer didn't ask and probably doesn't care. I know I don't.

Sandy, Kirsten, Seth, Summer, and Ryan walk through the college fair. In a shocking display of physical affection, Seth and Summer are holding hands. The couple disappears, leaving Ryan with Sandy and Kirsten. He says it's weird being back in Harbor. Sandy recommends that Ryan take a look at Berkeley, where some "very pretty girls" are known to study.

Seth and Summer walk past a Harvard table. (Does Harvard really need to go to college fairs? They certainly weren't at my school's, but then again, we were public so all we got was an ITT table and some pamphlets from local community colleges. Used pamphlets.) Summer isn't too pleased to see that all the good schools are in the Northeast, where winter exists and makes Summer unhappy as she's already anticipating the jokes her name will make her the butt of. Suddenly, she spots Dean Evil and Taylor Townsend having an animated fight behind a sort-of-closed door. Seth doesn't see that as proof that the two are involved. Summer says she'll get Seth his proof, and walks off determinedly.

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