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Julie's checking out the condo when a realtor walks in, looking for "Miss Morgan." Julie says she's not Miss Morgan, but that she noticed that the door was open and thought she'd take a look at the place by herself. She likes what she sees, so she'll be buying it with the cash she brought with her in her pocketbook. Carrying thousands of dollars around in your pocketbook is really, really dumb, but then, it's not like anyone in that family is a rocket scientist. At least they knew to finish high school, though, Ryan. Realtor explains that Julie's looking at a four-bedroom model, not the two-bedroom "garden" (i.e. basement) unit that's more consistent with Julie's price range. Then 7 'n 7 -- the Miss Morgan the realtor was there to see -- strolls in and innocently asks Julie what she's doing in the place 7 'n 7was hoping to make her "little crash pad" while she did some business in the area. Julie snots that she was actually hoping for a place with a "better view," and leaves. Because her motel room is so much better than a basement condo. 7 'n 7 manages to keep her inner monologue of "Julie's pocketbook is bulky and full -- perhaps there is money in there I can swindle her out of!" silent this time.

Seth finds Summer at the Harbor hangout spot, and asks her to stop being mad at him for not believing her about T.T. and D.E., since they now have a bigger issue to deal with: Ryan quit school. Summer says she's already dealing with the problem by writing a letter. Seth thinks a petition to get Ryan back at Harbor is a great idea. Too bad it's not Summer's; she's writing an apology letter to Taylor Townsend from Dean Evil. She also calls Seth a "dumb-ass" for thinking her plan would be as practical and mundane as a petition. Summer hopes the letter with reunite Dean Evil and Taylor Townsend, which will allow her to catch them together and then use the incriminating evidence to blackmail Dean Evil into letting Ryan back into Harbor. "Huh," Seth says, managing to keep his inner monologue of "my girlfriend is a silly idiot" silent.

Kirsten gets off the phone with Ryan's invisible tutor, who was calling to get her final invisible paycheck for her invisible tutoring services. Kirsten tells Sandy that Ryan fired his tutor to drop out of school, and Sandy angrily asks where Ryan is. Kirsten says that Seth lied to her that Ryan was at the library. Sandy says he "thought today was going to be boring." Oh, but it is, Sandy. It is.

Johnny finds Ryan at the diner. He pretends he just happened to be getting a burger and found Ryan by coincidence, but Ryan doesn't believe that for a second. He tells Johnny he doesn't need advice from someone he barely knows. Johnny says he didn't come to give any: he's not going to college either. He thinks surfing is a better career choice. Ryan says that's a better plan than his, which is to get some job somewhere, save his money (which should be pretty easy if the Cohens continue to let him live and eat with them for free), and then maybe figure something else out later. Ryan's looking at construction work, saying he's done it before and "liked the work." Except that he hated it, but whatever. Johnny says his uncle has a "commercial fishing operation." It's brutal work, but the pay is great. And he's always looking for strapping young lads. Oh boy, if this turns into an episode of Deadliest Catch, I just might love this show forever and ever.

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