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Marissa wafts out of the restaurant just as Ryan is turning to go back inside. Ryan interrupts her snit over Luke's having the nerve to show up by asking for her car keys. She yelps that he can't have them because it's like saying Luke didn't do anything wrong! Yeah! Keep all the drunk people on the road; otherwise they'll never learn their lessons! Ryan insists that he's not taking anyone's side, and Marissa yells that he should, because Luke needs time alone to feel bad about what he did. Ryan argues that Luke does feel bad, which is why he's leaving! When Marissa warbles her confusion, Ryan explains about Portland. Resigned, he asks for her keys again, because Luke's had a lot to drink.

Back inside, Kirsten is well on her way. She polishes off a bottle of champagne as Sandy hopefully looks on, glass extended. When she passes over his glass for her own he says, "That's cool. That's cool. I didn't want any anyway." Hee. Kirsten, attempting to deal with the announcement, emphatically repeats, "Julie Cooper is my stepmom." Sandy thinks it's time for another bottle of champagne, and Jimmy agrees that she should drink up. Kirsten rambles on about the "unholy alliance" and "two storm fronts colliding," and that it's "the apocalypse for us all." Hee. Sandy suggests that she "lay off the sauce," and she turns to Jimmy for backup, asking if, in all the time they spent together growing up, he ever thought Caleb would marry his ex-wife. He didn't, but neither did he think he'd end up screwing Kirsten's then-eight-year-old sister. Let's hope, anyway. Jimmy's all, "Yeah, give me a glass." Calling him "Jimbo," Sandy proposes that the marriage could be the best thing that ever happened to him, but Kirsten insists that there's nothing good about it: "This marriage is an asteroid that's hit the earth. Now we just have to wait and see what species survives." Hee. Good line.

At the Non-Beautiful Blue Bachelor Pad, Seth and Summer work side by side on Marissa's bedroom. Seth successfully hammers a nail into the wall, and then turns to Summer for approval. With her hair casually pulled back, she looks particularly fresh-faced and pretty. She acknowledges his success: "Bob Vila's your bitch, Cohen." Not for long, though, as with his next hammer stroke, Seth punches a hole through the wall. When Summer reminds him that he has to "find the stud," he's all, "You mean like you did, Summer?" Hee. She feigns annoyance as she orders him to hand over the stud finder and he's all, "Oh, Summer. I think you are the stud finder." Summer wields the hammer in his direction, and he scurries to work. She also needs a level, and he doesn't know what that is except for "something you advance to in a videogame." She thinks it's funny that "the tool doesn't know about tools." Seth rebuts that his "people" aren't handy; he suggests that they just get a contractor. Summer threateningly raises a power drill in one hand and the hammer in the other, and God forbid she suffered a rage blackout with those things in hand. Seth quickly offers to paint, and she's all, "And here I thought you could only paint the ceiling." Well, that's a little risqué if it means what I think it means. Oh, and there's a nice little close-up of Adam Brody's jeans-clad ass in this scene. Thank you, O.C.!

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