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We see a shot of the Orange County skyline, then pan down to see Luke sitting on the hood of his car, downing more beers, and listening to "Night Moves." His phone rings, and he's hopeful that it'll be Marissa, but it's just Ryan using her phone. And either Marissa's still refusing to talk to Luke, or both she and Ryan are too stupid to realize that imminent catastrophe might be averted if Luke was just allowed to apologize. Inside the car, Mischa Barton demonstrates a completely overdone reaction of "surprise," for no apparent reason. Presumably, she knew Ryan was calling Luke, so why act shocked that Luke actually answered? Luke insists that he's fine; he's at the park drinking beer and "rockin' out to Seger -- you know the drill." Ryan doesn't know the drill, or at least won't cop to it. If it were Steve Perry, though, he'd be all over it. Luke pleads with Ryan to tell Marissa that he gets it and doesn't deserve her forgiveness, since he's scum. He moans that all he ever did was let her down. Ryan begs him to tell him where he is; didn't he already say he was at the park? Ryan says that Luke can't leave without saying goodbye, and Luke's all, "Right. Goodbye." He freaks out on his car for a bit, throws a just-opened beer off the overlook, and calls Lady Heather, leaving a particularly drunken-sounding message that he's leaving the next day and he needs to see her and he's on his way! As he fumbles his way into the car, he screams that she at least owes him a goodbye.

At The Big House, Caleb has been apprised of the dilemma with the Liquor Commissioner; he agrees that there's no point in even opening the place. Sandy explains that he was hoping for a favor, and Caleb makes him repeat the request -- not because he didn't hear him the first time, but because he likes hearing Sandy ask for help. Sandy snits that he'd rather take the hit than have this conversation with Caleb, but that he's doing it for Jimmy, because The Lighthouse is all he's got! Caleb points out that Sandy could just drop Jimmy and get the license, but he's too much of a martyr. Calling him "Sanford," Caleb preaches that business should never be mixed with friendship, which leads Sandy to announce, "You're right! From now on, I'm doin' all my deals with you!" Hee. Sandy calls in the Uncle Sean favor, and Caleb is ready to be out of Sandy's debt and back to holding stuff over his head. Kirsten interrupts their conversation, shuffling in to get water because she "tried to lay [sic] down; got the spins." Caleb, too, has to get back to his "bride-to-be," leaving Kirsten to conclude, "Oh, yeah. Definitely might vomit."

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