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Marissa and Ryan enter the Non-Beautiful Blue Bachelor Pad, and Ryan asks if she's okay. When she whines that she's "a prisoner in her own life," Ryan insists that she did what needed to be done. Their conversation is interrupted by a loud thump from upstairs and Summer's cry of "I told you, no touching anything ever!" For some reason, I feel like she's said those words to Seth before, but in a totally different context. Marissa and Ryan run up the stairs!

Summer and Seth are trading barbs over who is the bigger "dandy," when Marissa shows up in the doorway and "Oh my God"s all over the room. Seth and Summer look hopeful and worried at the same time; Seth asks if Marissa's crying tears of joy, and she explains that she's happy. Seth announces that Summer did all the building and heavy lifting and wiring of electronics, while he did the painting. He points out an unbelievable mural on the wall which mimics the background of the credits of the movie they saw at the beginning of the episode. He tells her, "I know you're a Paris fan." Marissa throws herself onto the bed and looks around in awe, as Summer explains that while they looked through her toys and didn't find any plastic horses, they did find something. Marissa yelps, "Share Bear!" and follows it up with a brain-curdling "Wow." Seth adds, "Yeah. She'll watch over you. With her Care Bear Stare." And that out-creeps Caleb. Was that really the Care Bear motto? ["It was something they did on the cartoon. Basically, it involved shaming people into being good." -- Wing Chun] Ryan asks how Seth knows about the Care Bear Stare. How does any of them know about it? They're supposed to be fifteen; Care Bears were big before they were even born. I think the writers of this show -- and all teen shows, for that matter -- sometimes mix up their own childhood nostalgia with that of their characters. In any case, Seth dodges the question by pointing at the mural and repeating, "I painted that!" The four of them wedge themselves onto the bed in various states of cuddling. Marissa thanks them, because she really needed this. Amazingly, she doesn't take the opportunity to shoot down their efforts by explaining that she'll have to move out soon. Seth says it was "nothing," and Summer's all, "Yeah, for you!" As the view slowly fades to black, Ryan asks again how Seth knows about the Care Bear Stare, and we close with them laughing, giggling, and passing around Share Bear.

Next time on The O.C., Kirsten becomes Lady Heather's maid of honor; we learn that Lady Heather's first love was the entire defensive line of the football team; and Theresa shows up with a black eye. So I guess she and Eddie aren't so cute together after all.

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