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The editors of this show have apparently decided to offset the displeasing shots of weepy Marissa with pleasing shots of naked Ryan. He struggles into a wifebeater as Seth enters the pool house, apologizes, and quickly looks away. Seth expresses awkward surprise that he hasn't caught Ryan changing before, and then clarifies that he's not disappointed that it hasn't happened, but just commenting on the mathematical odds. When Ryan points out that Seth cries during chick flicks and walks in on him naked, Seth defensively asks what Ryan's point is, because Seth's not getting it. He then looks Ryan over and asks, "Do you work out?" Ryan says he doesn't, but that's a lie because I see those small-yet-defined muscles. Lie or not, Seth is pleased by Ryan's answer, and responds, "Cool. Me neither." ["Also a lie; Adam Brody's neck is way thicker now than it was when he was Dave Rygalski." -- Wing Chun] He's off to go watch some hockey until Ryan points out that hockey season is over. ["I live in Toronto, and I wish that were true, but it is not." -- Wing Chun] Sadly, Ryan has donned a shirt over the wifebeater, leading Seth to ask where he's going. Ryan explains that he's going to find Luke and "kick the crap outta him." Seth asks, "Where shall this can of whoop-ass be opened?" which my Word grammar guide wants to change to "This can of whoop-ass shall be opened..." and cracks me up. Ryan offers up some possibilities until Seth cuts him off to suggest their own back yard, as Luke appears behind them. Luke explains that he just had to talk to Lady Heather, and Ryan snits that the next time Luke needs to talk, he should go to Ryan, Seth, or anyone but Lady Heather. At the "Seth" part of that sentence, the camera cuts to Seth emphatically shaking his head "no." Luke whines that no one will talk to him, which Seth points out is the general result of sleeping with your ex-girlfriend's mother. Luke thought they were his friends, and Ryan snaps that Luke has no friends. Luke says he knows, and it's sad. Seth looks suitably chastised, getting the whole "no friends" thing as he does. Luke reveals that he's leaving town and needs their help; since his parents' divorce is final, his father wants to head to Portland, and Luke is going with him. Seth and Ryan look shocked, as Luke pleads with them not to tell anyone because he doesn't want to make a big deal out of it; he explains that his imminent departure is why he was talking to Lady Heather, and why he wants so badly to talk to Marissa. Ryan isn't convinced that it's a good idea; Luke begs some more, and then leaves, to go get a haircut, I hope.

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