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Jimmy and Sandy marvel over their success. Actually, Jimmy marvels while Sandy just pretends. Jimmy admits that "Nana Cohen's meatloaf [is] trouncing Nana Cooper's!" Sandy knows The Nana would expect no less. Nor would I. When Jimmy asks how it went with the liquor board, Sandy dodges that he's working on it, and that Jimmy should just enjoy the moment because it won't happen every day. Jimmy proclaims, "It's fantastic!" Sandy and Jimmy make googly eyes across the restaurant at Hailey and Kirsten. Hailey gives an indiscreet little wave in return. Why not just make humping motions at each other and be done with it?

Outside, Luke emerges from his car, but not before taking one last swig of his beer.

Inside, Marissa is typically pissy, but happy that Ryan is there so she doesn't have to be pissy without an adoring audience. Ryan's all, "You know me. Can't get enough of this stuff."

Caleb clinks his glass and welcomes the group to The Lighthouse; he hopes that they are enjoying the night, and then transition to expressing is own enjoyment in the past few months due to "a very special lady -- [Lady Heather]." The camera closes in on Ryan and Marissa's clasped hands, and this show really needs to be better about creating new poignant moments as opposed to recycling old ones. It's okay if it's a meaningful reproduction, but when it's not, it's just sloppy and annoying. Marissa spots Luke entering the restaurant, and Ryan heads off to intercept him. Lady Heather also notices Luke as Caleb rambles on about her work on the restaurant's décor. Luke whines that no one there will even look at him, but maybe that's because they're looking at Caleb, lowering himself to his knees at the center of the room? This is followed by reaction shots from every partygoer, including the chef at the carving station. Caleb asks Lady Heather to marry him, and then whips out a giant emerald ring. Lady Heather quickly sizes up the number of carats, and then agrees. We see more reaction shots, including blatant guffawing from the major players: Hailey, Kirsten, Jimmy, and Sandy. Lady Heather turns to Kirsten, points at the ring, and yells, "Kiki!" Luke, meanwhile, storms out of the restaurant, chased by Ryan who wants to drive him home. Luke raises a threatening fist at Ryan, all, "Don't make me!" So Luke gets into his giant penis, and Ryan watches them screech out of the parking lot in concern.

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