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A Pirate's Life For He!

Outside the room, Seth peruses the book cart and picks up Madame Bovary, commenting, "That Flaubert could really turn a phrase." Summer surprises him by admitting that she read the book, but thought it was a "bummer" because Emma "got her heart, like, totally broken, but why'd she have to go and eat arsenic?" Summer claims she's read it five times, because it's "Tom Shales's favorite book." Summer adds that she should go check on Tom Shales, by the way, because he's incontinent. (He's also a writer for The Washington Post who gave The O.C. a scathing review after the airing of the pilot. Hee.) Seth calls Summer a "strange and mysterious woman." Meanwhile, Lady Heather and Dr. Burke are approaching down the hallway, causing Summer to gasp. Seth covers her mouth with his hand, and begins making a series of unidentifiable, fanatic gestures. Summer pauses and touches her lips with a dazed expression on her face before recovering and snitting, "Okay. Wait. Look. I don't know what that means, Cohen. I wasn't in Panama." And she's not an airplane that needs to be landed, either, which is what it looked like to me. Seth tries to explain himself, but Summer cuts him off to order him to go -- she'll run interference. Seth claims that's what he was trying to say, before skipping off down the hallway, still gesturing.

Summer intercepts Lady Heather, explaining that she was volunteering and thought she'd stop by to see Marissa. Lady Heather says she'll be fine eventually, but Summer has already turned to Dr. Burke, asking if she's Marissa's doctor. Dr. Burke explains that she's Marissa's therapist, and that they're on their way to see her right now. Summer cuts her off, all, "A therapist, huh? Do you have a second?" She launches into a rambling description of a dream wherein, she says, "I'm in the woods trying to find this restaurant but I'm totally lost. And sooooo hungry. See, I had reservations where you can't be late. Are you following?" Hee.

Back in the hospital room, Ryan and Marissa agree that they're ready to leave. They open the door to head out and freeze; the camera pans over to reveal Luke waiting with a bouquet of flowers. Marissa orders him to go away, and he whines that he wanted to see her, and that he's sorry about everything. Marissa points out that Luke said the same thing in Mexico, and he repeats that it was a mistake. He finally notices her costume and looks confused just as Seth enters, shoots Luke a dirty look, and leans in to whisper that Lady Heather and Dr. Burke are on their way. Luke realizes that they're running away, causing Marissa to snap, "Luke, please." He leans back, checks out the hallway, and urges them to take the back stairs.

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