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A Pirate's Life For He!

It's Mexican Night at The Only Restaurant in Orange County. Jimmy and Kirsten enter together as she explains that someone at Sandy's office said he was having "welcome to the firm drinks" with a few of his associates. Surprisingly, they're not having "welcome to the firm, bitch, drinks." Jimmy looks behind Kirsten and sees something that surprises him; she turns and notices, too, that "a few of his associates" really means "Rachel." We pan over to their table, where Rachel is getting soused on margaritas while Sandy winces, presumably because he's eating something sour. Surprised to see Kirsten and Jimmy, Sandy asks what they're doing there, and Kirsten explains that his office directed her to them. She icily introduces herself to Rachel, who chirpily introduces herself right back. Kirsten faux smiles, all, "So this is Rachel." Sandy's all, "This is Rachel," and Rachel's all, "I'm Rachel!" Awkward laughter ensues, then Jimmy straight-mans, "Hi Rachel, I'm Jimmy." Hee. Kirsten snarkily asks if they're doing research for a suit involving a tequila company, and Sandy responds, "Apparently we don't sue anybody." Rachel adds, "Now, you say that like it's a bad thing," before congratulating Kirsten on how lucky she is to be married to someone "so hilarious." Hairlarious, too. Kirsten coldly agrees, "I am." Jimmy's not down with the awkward, and announces that he's leaving and will take care of his own problem. A concerned Sandy tells him to stop by the office tomorrow, but Jimmy insists that will be too late. Kirsten follows after him telling Sandy, "I'll see you at home...when you're finished work." Burn! She then fakely tells Rachel it's nice to meet her Rachel, who turns back to her drink.

The Bachelor Pad. Jimmy enters, flicking on the light to reveal Summer, Seth, Ryan, and Marissa, who have been sitting there, presumably, in the dark. Marissa says, "Hey, Dad." Commercial.

We're back, and Jimmy asks what they're doing there. Marissa stands up, nervously rubbing her hands on her jeans like my creepy sixth-grade teacher. Marissa explains that she "checked out," though not, apparently, in the sense that she tried to check out in Tijuana. As Jimmy asks if Lady Heather knows about it, the other three awkwardly shuffle off to wait in the car, Ryan casting one longing glance back at Marissa. Marissa throws her arms around Jimmy's neck, sniveling that she didn't know what else to do, since Lady Heather was getting ready to drive her down to San Diego. Jimmy pulls back all, "What?" and Marissa realizes that he didn't know. She wide-eyes that she doesn't want to go to San Diego! And she doesn't want to live with Lady Heather! She wants to stay with him! Jimmy wants that too, but he doesn't know if it's possible, since Lady Heather is suing him for sole custody and has him "over a barrel." He explains that if he does one thing wrong, he'll never be able to see Marissa again, and he doesn't want to lose her. The phone rings; Jimmy checks the Caller ID and excuses himself. Marissa deduces that it's Lady Heather and slips out the door, just as Jimmy assures Lady Heather that he didn't have anything to do with the breakout and promises to keep Marissa there.

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