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A Pirate's Life For He!

Lady Heather is on the verge of tears: she doesn't know what she's supposed to say to any of this! Marissa finally steps up and urges her to "just say yes." Momentarily relieved to see Marissa, Lady Heather insists that Marissa doesn't mean that, but Marissa agrees that she does. She knows that Lady Heather is only trying to help, but she's only making everything worse! A teary Lady Heather says that Marissa has no idea how scared she was, and Marissa apologizes, before insisting that she's not going to hurt herself again; she'll even still see a therapist, but she wants to do it in Newport. And she wants to live with her father, at least for now. In the foreground, Lady Heather lowers her head. In the background, Kirsten lowers her head. Somewhere in a loveless, abandoned stall, China lowers her head. There's lots of head lowering in this episode. A defeated Lady Heather harshes that it's not over, and stomps herself out.

Ryan slowly walks over to Marissa and gets right up in her face to ask if she's okay. Marissa kisses his cheek and then slowly hugs him. He looks shell-shocked as he finally allows himself to put a careful arm around her.

Poolside. Seth asks Summer if, after everything that happened today, she'll still ignore him back at school. She jokes, "Well, all I can do is try," and Seth says he admires her will. Kirsten emerges from the house, and they get to their feet, Seth giving Summer a hand. Aw. Seth asks how it went, and Kirsten responds that it's "over." She says that someone should take Marissa home, and then further reveals " her dad's." Seth and Summer grin, and she heads off to provide the ride. Seth waves; Summer grins and ignores him in response. Kirsten watches in amusement as Seth smirkily explains, "It's just a little thing we do." Kirsten nods and smiles before moving back onto another subject: Tijuana. Seth's all, "It's pronounced Tia-HWON-a. That's how -- you're so white, Mom." Hee.

Inside, Ryan and Sandy bond over product-placed iced teas as Sandy announces that he never knew Ryan could talk so much. Ryan likes to "save it for when it counts." Sandy heard what happened with the test (probably because he was lurking behind a door somewhere). He then clarifies that he actually heard what didn't happen. When Ryan is silent, he kids, "Suddenly you're not so talkative." Sandy understands that Marissa needed help and Ryan was worried about her, but now he's worried about Ryan. Ryan insists that he's okay with going to public school, which will be better than his previous school. Sandy urges him to explain the situation to Dr. Kim, but Ryan doesn't think she'll want to hear from him ever again. Sandy concludes that Ryan's afraid of her and says, "You who went toe to toe with Julie Cooper -- the dragon lady? You can take Dr. Kim!" He encourages Ryan to talk to her, pointing out, "If there's a problem, you'll have your attorney present. I got your back." Aw.

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