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A Pirate's Life For He!

School. The Dean's Den. Sandy and Seth wait outside the door, and Sandy points out that he and Summer seemed "pretty chummy" yesterday. Seth's all, "Dad. 'Chummy'?" Sandy urges him to tell, but Seth insists that he can't. Sandy rhetorically asks, if Seth can't talk to his dad, who can he talk to? Seth responds, "Gee, I don't know. Ryan. Mom. That tree over there." Hee. Sandy jokes that Seth will miss him when he's gone, and Seth's all, "When are you leaving?" They do a little hand-slappy thing just as Ryan exits the office, accompanied by Dr. Kim, who gives them a curious look. Ryan is wearing a collared shirt. Who knew he could wear one with sleeves, never mind a collar? Sandy asks what the "verdict" is, and Dr. Kim reveals that Ryan not only passed, but that he did very well! (But if Ryan, without studying, not only passed but did "very well" on the test which measured his preparedness, then his Chino education must have been damn good!) Seth and Sandy clap and congratulate him, and Seth announces that he's going to be a Pirate. Hey! My high school team was the Pirates! Ryan's all, "Pirates?" and Seth agrees that it is indeed "a bit minty." They practice the Harbor High handshake, and Sandy thanks Dr. Kim for the second chance. Dr. Kim responds that if Ryan pulls another stunt like that, he'll "need a much better lawyer than [Sandy] to get him out of it." She welcomes Ryan to the Harbor School and adds, "I'll be watching you."

As Dr. Kim heads back into her Den, Sandy puts his arm around Ryan, while Seth does the kind of arm-shaking gesture one would expect to see at a revival. He punctuates it with a feisty "Arrr!" The three walk away together, and Sandy jokes, "You thought Julie was tough!" Seth mentions that Ryan will need his picture taken now, and Sandy is quick to whip out his ID card. Seth looks at it, groans, and declares, "Those eyebrows are out of control!" Sandy tells him that they are a sign of power, and Seth concludes, "Well then you must be the most powerful man in the world." Sandy cutely tells Seth to "brace [him]self" because "it's genetic." Aw. Maybe in an upcoming episode they'll do that thing where they flash to the future and all the characters have aged and Seth will have a couple of hairy black caterpillars taped above his eyes. As they continue to walk and joke and laugh, the camera pulls back and happy music about "singing a new song now" plays. We fade. Aw.

The announcer tells us to stay tuned for the next O.C. He's all creepy with the "comin' up!"

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