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Outside, Seth sits under an umbrella and reads. It looks a bit like Italy. Summer -- wearing a teensy skirt and biting her nails -- approaches. Seth greets her eagerly, and gestures for her to sit down. She awkwardly does so, complaining that it's weird to be in school right now, surrounded by "all these people with no idea." And why is she in school, anyway, if it's orientation week for new people? Ah, because if she's not in school, then it would be difficult for this conversation to take place. Seth listens to Summer with a thoughtful and concerned expression on his face, and then sweetly agrees and asks if she's talked to Marissa. She admits that she's only talked to Lady Heather. Seth explains about the Cohen family's field trip that morning; although Marissa was sleeping, she's going to be okay. Summer still can't believe it: she thought Marissa "was done," and Seth admits that he did, too. He proposes that, when Marissa is feeling better, they take her out and cheer her up with a movie or Six Flags. Summer pauses and agrees. Seth then works up the nerve to add, "Maybe before then, if you want, uh, I don't know, you and me could go see a movie." Summer looks uncomfortable until a group of cheerleaders walks by and greets her, causing her to acknowledge them chirpily in return. Seth watches Summer in dismay. Summer watches Seth in dismay. The cheerleaders watch them both in confusion. Summer earnestly tells him, "Look, Cohen." She explains that the year is all messed up, with Marissa in the hospital, and she'll never talk to Luke or Holly again, so she and Seth.... Seth quickly cuts her off to say he understands: they're back in school now, and "old rules apply." Seth waves Summer away, and Summer leaves with a resigned "All right." Seth sadly ponders the landscape.

Back at the hospital, Lady Heather's now on hair-tuck duty as Jimmy enters with two coffees. He comments on the strong sedative Marissa was given; Lady Heather sighs that Marissa needs to sleep, and they need to talk. She quickly glances over at Marissa in concern, and then walks to the front of the room, where she loudly proceeds to announce that she and Jimmy need to "present a united front" because it's "hard enough, this forcing us to be in the same room together." Jimmy commends Lady Heather on her "beside manner," but Lady Heather continues her diatribe, insisting that calling the Cohens was inappropriate because Jimmy knows she doesn't like "that Brian." Jimmy corrects her as to Ryan's name, but Lady Heather adds that whatever his name is, she doesn't want him anywhere near Marissa. Inside the hospital room, we see that Marissa is awake and listening with her usual forty-year-old-caught-in-the-headlights expression. Jimmy responds that Marissa said it was an accident, and so there's no one to blame. Lady Heather points out that it's an interesting position for him to take, considering that Jimmy's the one who let her go to Tijuana in the first place. Like Lady Heather wouldn't have? That confuses me. But anyway. Jimmy can't believe that Lady Heather's making it his fault now, and Lady Heather points out that he's the one who stole, lied, and destroyed the family, concluding, "Why do you think she took all those pills?" Jimmy doesn't think Lady Heather can honestly believe that, and Lady Heather says she left Marissa in his care for one weekend, and look what happened! She announces that she's going to ask the judge for sole custody, because "getting the girls away from [Jimmy] is [Lady Heather's] only chance to give them back some semblance of a life." Jimmy begs that she can't do that, but Lady Heather insists that if Jimmy fights her on the issue, Lady Heather will take him to court, and he'll be lucky to even get supervised visitation. Jimmy declares that Lady Heather will have to take him to court because he's not giving up his kids. Wait. Not even Caitlyn? Lady Heather snits that Jimmy might not have a choice. She storms off to check on Caitlyn and the sitter while a teary Marissa feigns sleep. Jimmy leaves too, and Marissa busts her cell phone out of its bedside drawer.

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