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A Pirate's Life For He!

At the pool house, Ryan studies while Seth congratulates himself for never throwing anything away: although the questions on Ryan's test might be different, it's the same basic idea as the tests Seth saved. Ryan laments that he'll fail, and Seth urges him to get into Harbor because he refuses to spend another year there alone. He concludes with a little bow and the final words "Please. Thank you. Study." Except it's not so final at all; as Ryan lowers his head to study, Seth busts out, "Especially, though, if all it takes is a couple of cheerleaders walkin' by and suddenly it's like, hmm. Summer and I? We just, we just didn't happen." Ryan stares at him, and Seth apologizes for his outburst and returns to urging Ryan to study. Ryan once again lowers his head, but Seth's not done yet: "Here's the thing though, Ryan. We connected, right? We connected and it was awesome. Especially the part where she kissed me; I do believe I might have mentioned that...." Hee. An exasperated Ryan interjects to say that the test is in two hours, and unless Seth plans to join him at Newport Union High.... Seth cuts him off to reply, "Right. Got it. Less talking, more studying." The phone rings, and Seth orders Ryan not to move and to keep studying. He picks up the phone with typical quirky flourish, making a quick scrunchy face. If you have the episode on tape, look at it again because it's cuteness personified. Seth greets Marissa with surprise in his voice, and then hands the phone off to Ryan. We don't hear the conversation, just Ryan quickly agreeing to be there. The wrist cuff, by the way, is the star of this scene. Ryan hangs up, and hurriedly explains that Marissa's upset: something is going on with her parents, and since Lady Heather is going home for a while, Ryan's heading to the hospital. Seth asks about the test, and Ryan says he'll just have to show up and do it on his own. Seth asks what if that's not good enough, and Ryan responds that Dr. Kim will be right, then, that he's not Harbor School material. Ryan storms down the steps of the pool house and through the main house. He runs like an eighty-year-old man. An eighty -year-old man in a leather wrist cuff.

At the hospital, Marissa reclines in bed acting "sad." Which is much the same as acting "confused" or acting "surprised" or acting "angry" or acting "betrayed" or acting "tired" or acting "depressed." "Happy" she can manage, and as Ryan knocks at the door, she instantly perks up. He's bearing flowers, and she can't seem to take her eyes off them. She surprisingly doesn't look forty in this scene. Maybe thirty-nine. The flower arrangement consists of a single sunflower surrounded by baby's breath and greens in an ugly white vase. It's tied up with raffia. The raffia's kind of fancy for the last thing in a gift shop -- even in Southern California. Marissa looks happy about the flowers, and then quickly apologizes for her stupidity in Tijuana. Ryan silences her and sits on the edge of the bed. She continues explaining that she didn't want to kill herself, and Ryan is unresponsive. She insists again that she just "wanted to...escape," and finally Ryan sweetly says, "I know."

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