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Mystery Of The Letter In The Locker

In the Student Disunion, Seth orders an orange peel smoothie with pineapple, which seems against character to me. Would Seth Cohen drink smoothies, or would he mock those drinking smoothies? Anna orders the same, but then amends her order to switch it up with different fruits. More Summer cackling precedes her entrance, followed by Danny, doing a dead-on Jar Jar Binks imitation. Except it's not supposed to be Jar Jar Binks; it's supposed to be Harbor teacher Mr. Palmer, who evidently looks like a pterodactyl. Anna joins in the laughter, while Seth groans over the fact that Danny does impersonations. Danny approaches the juice bar: "Why you all up in my Kool-Aid not even knowin' the flavah!" Anna head bobs back at him in a way that's actually cute as opposed to annoying. Danny asks if Summer knows who wants a smoothie, and then shrieks that "Mr. Tickle" does; out come the tickle hands. People really need to know that tickling is never, ever funny. Seth considers the scene before inviting Danny over to his house, offering up some Leno. He sweetens the deal by volunteering that Sean William Scott is on. Danny proclaims it "double the comedy," and they fist-bop on it. And I haven't recapped a good fist bop since my Survivor days.

Jimmy's Non-Beautiful Blue Bachelor Pad. Manic doorbell ringing. Jimmy dashes down the steps, and he's very Clark Kent with all the red and the blue. It's Sandy, and Jimmy thought he was in court. Sandy explains that he's almost never in court anymore, and then commands Jimmy to "order up some martinis and meatloaf," because they've got themselves a restaurant! Jimmy agitatedly asks what Sandy did, and Sandy explains that he made a down payment on The Lighthouse, and tomorrow they'll sign the title. Jimmy worries that he hasn't yet been able to come up with his share of the money, and Sandy reveals that he covered it, and that they'll work out the details when the business is afloat. Jimmy snits, "So what? I work for you now?" He didn't seem to mind the prospect of being Sandy's file clerk last week, though; Sandy points out that Jimmy was just "one click away from manning the mechanical bull at the new cowboy bar." Newport's getting a cowboy bar? Please, please, please keep the gang out of that one. Seth and Anna in matching hats and spurs will put me over the edge, although I'm sure not just a few of the viewing audience wouldn't mind seeing Summer wield a lasso again. When Jimmy insists that Sandy has already done enough for him, Sandy rebuts that it's not just for Jimmy; The Lighthouse represents freedom for both of them! Not only can Sandy get a break from his "rich spoiled clients" and office politics, but they can work for themselves! When Jimmy moans that it's happening too fast, Sandy snits that he's got a great idea: "Let's wait 'til we're dead!" He storm off to settle another case.

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