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Mystery Of The Letter In The Locker

At Harbor School, Seth and Summer greet each other sadly. Aw. They're so meant to be together. He cutely hangs on a locker as she mopes that Danny used to be funny: "Now all of a sudden, he's gotten, like, big...." Seth watches her in squinty-eyed concern. Suddenly, Danny calls for their attention, and the camera pans over to show him grabbing another student by the backpack and humping him into a classroom. As they disappear and the camera returns to Seth and Summer, you can hear a faint cry of "Get! Off!" Hee. Seth points out that that was funny (and it was; every time I've turned around all week, my husband's air-humping his way into another room), but Summer flatly concludes that it's the end of Danny, and that she'll end up bitter and alone, after all. Seth commiseratingly pats her arm as she adds that she thought Danny was a good one, but that people can be unpredictable.

Not Anna, however, who can be predictably depended upon to show up whenever Seth and Summer are finally connecting. As Summer watches them, they make cutesy conversation about fish sticks and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, and then Anna leaves once again to "wash up." Are they heading for some sort of personal hygiene/obsessive-compulsive disorder plotline for her what with all the washing up and flossing? Meanwhile, Summer is off to "ice big funny guy." Seth offers that if she ever feels too bitter and lonely, he's TiVo'd some episodes of The Daily Show, even though he knows Jon Stewart is no Leno. Summer thanks him sweetly, and sad music plays as Seth heads away from her. She turns to go in the opposite direction, but not without casting a hopeful look back his way. Aw.

Ryan, meanwhile, is also walking around campus to the same sad music. Ben McKenzie conveys being on the outside so well. Marissa sees him, too, but heads over toward Oliver instead.

At The Lighthouse, Sandy listens as Mr. Lighthouse explains that his father left him the place when he died; it's so magical and he never thought he'd have to sell it. Sandy urges that he doesn't have to sell it! He just needs to give Sandy more time to find a partner! As Mr. Lighthouse responds that he has two other offers and he can't wait anymore, Jimmy busts in, and Sandy identifies him as his "pahtnah!" He tells Mr. Lighthouse to disregard their whole previous conversation, and bends to sign the papers. Jimmy, meanwhile, continues to fret over the likelihood that their venture will fail: "I pretty much only have a legacy of failure." Considering that there's Only One [Other] Restaurant in Orange County, it seems like a good bet to me. Still, Jimmy is worried about ruining both the restaurant and their friendship. Sandy extends the pen, which gets more airtime than Caitlyn. He urges Jimmy to sign; Jimmy signs.

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