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Mystery Of The Letter In The Locker

Ryan plays pool in the Student Disunion as Oliver lurks behind him, and then speaks up to say he heard what happened between Ryan and Marissa. When Ryan apologizes, Oliver says it's okay, but Ryan insists that it's not okay! He was wrong about Oliver! Oliver asks if Ryan really thought he came to Harbor just because he's in love with Marissa, and Ryan admits that it was crazy. Oliver is silent, but makes a "maybe" kind of heat tilt, while Ryan's face grows increasingly concerned that he was right, after all. Oliver steps closer to Ryan and declares, "Here's the deal, Ryan. And it's nothing personal." He crazies that he and Marissa connect and she understands him; he doesn't know if there's only one person he's meant to be with, but that it feels that way when he's with her. He taunts that Marissa and Ryan aren't good together because they're from different worlds. Ryan warns Oliver to stay away from her as Oliver gently tells Ryan not to fight fate: he didn't even have to lift a finger, and look what happened to Ryan and Marissa's relationship! Because they're not supposed to be together! Oliver announces that Ryan did serve a purpose, though: without him, Marissa never would have gone to therapy or met Oliver in the first place. Ryan hisses that he's not going to let this happen, and Oliver asks who's going to believe him now? He suggests that Ryan give up instead of blowing his one chance on "some chick" he won't care about in ten years. Oliver says he's sorry and walks away, leaving Ryan behind him to think it over. But he doesn't think for long, before tackling Oliver from behind, pushing him to the floor, and throwing down some serious blows on him.Oliver lies helpless on the floor. It's all very Chino of Ryan. Marissa suddenly appears, shoving people out of the way to kneel beside Oliver while five guys hold Ryan back; Ryan is still doing a "Lemme at 'im" routine, yelling at Oliver to stay away from Marissa. As he watches Marissa minister to Oliver and considers the appearance of what just transpired, Ryan's face slowly registers anger, then panic, then comprehension, then loss.

Next time on The O.C., Seth has sex! With a girl! Whose name does not appear to be Anna! And Oliver's got a gun with which he may or may not shoot himself or Marissa.

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