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Remember how I described Seth's outfit and its cuteness just paragraphs ago? Well, it's not nearly so cute on Anna, who is wearing it, too. Seriously? It's exactly the same outfit except her yellow t-shirt has the outline of a horse on it, while Seth's is covered up, but may actually bear the outline of some other barnyard animal. They exit a classroom, and some random extra holds the door open for them, to which Anna pertly responds, "Hm." Whatever happened to "thank you"? She clings to Seth's arm -- and why do all the girls on this show cling so much? -- and suggests options for after school: Jenga, comics, or quietly mocking people at South Coast Plaza. Seth shoots down all of these suggestions emphatically with a particularly equine head-shake and lip "brrrrr." He suggests that they do something different, like muscle-car racing or Israeli self-defense, which -- because it's good to enrich ourselves continually -- is called Krav Maga. Anna scolds him that they can just go to the Imax and see a movie on migrating birds, but Seth rebuts that they're "a little bit past that now," and instead should do something new, like take Luke's Sea-Doo out for a spin, because he's "looking to branch out to different water sports." And taking up water sports is certainly one way to spice up a relationship. Anna looks confused as Seth suggests that if she doesn't want to try something new, they can always just argue about it. But Anna agrees that it's important not to get "all boring," to which Seth adds that they shouldn't always do the same things or "dress the same or whatever." They both act like they're just noticing for the first time that they're wearing identical clothes, and he's all, "Dammit," and she's all, "Ow." Ann perkily concludes, "You take Israeli self-defense; I'll take muscle cars." They high-five on it.

Ryan and Marissa emerge from a classroom, trailed by Oliver. Seth asks if he's visiting now, and Ryan responds, "Actually, Oliver goes here now." Ben McKenzie's delivery on that line, by the way, is perfect. Oliver chimes in to say that it's not too late for a new start, and then asks why Marissa didn't tell anyone. Marissa whines that she didn't think he really meant it. And exactly how stupid is she, anyway? This is, by the way, is the first of about nine thousand times I ask myself that question during this episode. Both of Marissa and of whoever cast the role. Oliver happily announces that he has more friends at Harbor than at his last school, anyway, which is something I'd probably keep to myself, but that's just me. Anna interrupts the conversation to head off to "wash up" because it's "tuna melt Monday"; she squeals over her and Seth's shared love of tuna melts, causing Seth to mutter that he was looking forward to "sampling some of the other items on the menu." When Marissa announces that she's going to take Oliver to the bookstore, since they both have a free period, Oliver asks what the odds are that he and Marissa have the exact same schedule. Ryan's all, "Crazy," in a totally unamused way. He stares at Oliver's departing back as Seth whines over having to give up tuna melts; what's next? Ryan asks if Seth even noticed that Oliver goes to Harbor now, and Seth responds, "Yeah, I was trying to take one more shot at talking about myself, but I did notice." Ryan begins another anti-Oliver rant, but Seth cuts him off with the whole "embrace the friend," thing again, and I get the feeling that whoever wrote that thought it was much funnier than it actually is. In any case, Seth suggests that there must be a rational explanation for Oliver's sudden appearance, and then trudges off toward Anna, who is beckoning to him from down the hall.

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