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Mystery Of The Letter In The Locker

The Harbor School, as it turns out, has a student union of some sort, with a pool table, videogames, and a coffee bar. Oliver joins Ryan as he studies on the sofa, making small talk about how hard junior year is. When Ryan questions whether he's indeed a junior, Oliver's all, "Not a good one." He reveals that because of Harbor's competitiveness, his credits didn't transfer. Pacific, I'm assuming, was a semi-decent private school, so it's hard to believe that Oliver's credits wouldn't transfer from there while Ryan's would from Chino High of Darkness and Despair. Ryan asks why Oliver would want to transfer, then, and Oliver claims that his parents insisted, and that the paperwork was actually put in a while ago. Ryan morphs back into Frank Hardy, asking why Oliver would transfer at all when he was just a semester away from graduating. He pushes Oliver past the "not working for [him]" line and into admitting that there was "an incident." Ryan probes about what kind of incident, leading Oliver to announce that he's made some mistakes, which is no surprise or secret to anyone, but that he's just looking for a chance. He implores Ryan to let him in, like he knows other people let Ryan in. Marissa interrupts the conversation to announce that she thought they could all go to Oliver's house after school; she's going to help him with his French. When Ryan asks why Oliver would need Marissa's help with French, since he lived in Paris, Oliver points out that he only lived there for a year when he was thirteen, and that talking his way into a club wasn't exactly the same thing as conjugating verbs. Ryan tells an annoyed Marissa to go ahead without him because he's meeting Seth at home. When she asks whether Ryan's sure he doesn't want to come, he says he trusts her, and she's all, "You should." As Marissa and Oliver head off together, Oliver turns back to shoot Ryan a smirky look.

The camera zooms in on ninjas in a videogame. We pan out to see Seth and Ryan sitting side by side as Seth says he doesn't trust "Summer's new boyfriend or whatever." As Sandy and Kirsten set the table, they pepper the boys with questions, and Seth admits that something just seems off about Danny: he's just not funny. Ryan discretely rolls his eyes as Seth asks whether he knows what he's talking about. He explains that Danny is "big," but that "big" isn't necessarily funny -- it's cheap. Ryan exhales, "Hesaidtherewasanincident." After a moment of confusion wherein Seth thinks Ryan's talking about "big funny guy," Ryan reveals that he means Oliver, causing Seth to groan about forgetting Oliver for five seconds to talk about Seth. Ryan won't be deterred from his worries that Oliver may be violent, and Seth's all, "Gee. New guy shows up. Violent. Angry. Prone to punching people. That'd be really weird." When Ryan complains about the French lessons, Seth snits that they should call the police: "Oliver lost his grasp on the subjunctive." Sandy intercepts to announce that "Fajitas are served!" and normally such an announcement would not necessitate inclusion in a recap, but Peter Gallagher's pronunciation is just so delightfully dorky. He's that good. As Ryan continues to complain that nothing about Oliver adds up and that he can't talk to Marissa about it, Seth interjects to say that he could break into the file room and steal Oliver's bio, or forget about it, be a grownup and move on. He's all, "Now, to the fajitas!" Too bad Ryan's still stuck on the "break into the file room" bit.

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