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The Beginning Of The End

Kaitlin has to endure seeing Frank and her mother make out in the kitchen. She grabs an open pitcher of orange juice out of the fridge (why no cartons of Tropicana, Julie? The open pitcher makes no sense and isn't space efficient) and expresses her disgust. Kaitlin: voice of the audience. Julie offers to make Kaitlin a real breakfast, and Frank says Julie has many talents besides cooking, like, reign it in, Frank. God. Kaitlin points out that Frank's "convict bag" is on the counter. It just looks like an ordinary duffel bag to me, but I won't deny that it's as dirty and germy as Kaitlin says it is. Julie demands an apology. Kaitlin obliges, but it's not sincere. Frank claims he's going on a job interview and leaves. Julie follows him out, which gives Kaitlin some alone time with Frank's bag.

Kirsten voyages out of her house for the first time in months to go to a prenatal yoga class. Unfortunately for her, Holly is there. Holly says she just found out she's pregnant (hope she wasn't pregnant while she was downing all that champagne!) and that she wants to have a baby and a six-pack. You know, The O.C. writers, there are women out there -- yes, even women who care about their appearance -- who like how they look when they're pregnant, "fat" and all. It's kind of special to have a baby growing inside you. And your boobs get bigger! Kirsten attempts to escape human interaction, but Holly calls her "hoes" over and they invite her to join their silly club, the Six-Pack Pack, for pregnant women who aren't fat. Ho #2 threatens to induce labor early if she gets too fat. There can't actually be people like this in the world, right? Right?

Summer stops by The Pav to talk to Ryan about Taylor's B-day. He's giving Taylor a bound edition of some French poems she translated for her present. Summer compliments the romanticness of this present, but also hints that saying "I love you" would be even more romantic. Ryan is suspicious that Taylor put Summer up to this, and Summer doesn't make him any less so with her clumsy stammering. I'm glad Taylor needs to hear him say he loves her after all that stuff we went through with her learning that that wasn't important. I really don't feel like I wasted my time watching that at all now.

The Promenade is hopping today, as Frank meets with Kaitlin. "I wanted to talk to you alone," he says. Kaitlin asks him if he's planning on doing something "pervy." Heh heh. He says that he understands why Kaitlin is suspicious of him considering his past, and Kaitlin says that has nothing to do with her feelings about him. After all, she says, BULLIT went to jail, too, and he was awesome. And Kaitlin is also awesome and will probably end up in jail at some point in the future. Kaitlin's main problem with Frank, she says, is that he's boring, especially compared to BULLIT. Count your blessings, Kaitlin. You know what isn't boring? A slap across the face! I'll bet Ryan, Trey, and Dawn were never bored living with Frank. Frank claims that Julie doesn't think he's boring. "That's because you're sleeping with her," Kaitlin retorts. "Can you not say that kind of thing?" Frank asks. Seriously, Kaitlin. It's your mom. No sex talk, please. Kaitlin says she'd be happy to change the subject, and does so -- to prison rape. She wonders why if dropping the soap is so bad, prisons don't just install soap dispensers. That's like asking why the Enterprise never got seatbelts even though it was the Utopian future and they really needed them.

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