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The Beginning Of The End

Seth films Ryan wrapping Taylor's birthday present. He has an easy time of this, as there's no earthquake getting in the way. Damn it! Seth says Ryan's present is really romantic. Ryan tells him that he told Taylor he loved her. Seth is shocked.

Summer tends to Taylor's hangover and asks about last night. Taylor tells her that Ryan said he loved her, and they share girly squeals of delight. Then Taylor starts wondering if Ryan really said it or she just had some wine-inspired dream that he did.

Ryan tells Seth's camera that he suddenly felt like he had to tell Taylor he loved her. Seth asks him if he regrets this, and Ryan says he kind of does now that he knows about Berkeley. Their relationship is "suddenly going Mach 5" he says. Well, that worked out okay for Speed Racer.

Taylor has a new dilemma: she doesn't know how she can verify with Ryan that he really said he loved her. Saying she was too drunk to remember and asking him to repeat it properly doesn't seem very romantic to her. Summer has a solution: once Ryan gives Taylor her super-romantic gift, Taylor can say she loves Ryan, and if he said it last night, he's sure to say it again. Except that this time he'll be in a room filled with people so he might not be so willing to express his feelings. And yet, Taylor claims that Summer is a genius.

Seth tells Ryan that if he wants to send Taylor a message that their relationship is moving too fast, that present the way to do it.

Taylor tells Summer she isn't sure if she told Ryan that she wanted to go to Berkeley with him or not. Wow, Taylor's plan really backfired on her, didn't it? I think an earthquake right now would really hammer this point home. But instead, we get Julie. She walks through the scene to tell Taylor she gave the mailman the letter on the counter. Taylor is horrified when she realizes it's the letter declining her Berkeley scholarship. Way to go, Julie.

Taylor runs out of the house in her bathrobe and slippers. The mailman has just collected the mail, including Taylor's letter. We only have two episodes left, and we're wasting a scene with Taylor convincing a mailman to return a letter to her. Great.

Frank takes a jog past the Cohen house and sees Ryan in the driveway. Frank says he likes to jog when he has things on his mind, inviting Ryan to ask him what those things are. Frank says Kaitlin hates him, and he thought Ryan might have some advice on how to change her mind, seeing as Ryan has "some experience with the Cooper women." Wow. So, Ryan's on his way to his new girlfriend's birthday and you're going to invoke the hallowed name of Marissa, Frank? Just to suit your selfish ends? Ass. I hope the earth swallows him up in that earthquake. Where is it, anyway? Ryan tells Frank to be patient and Kaitlin will come around. Frank notices the present in Ryan's hand and asks what it is. Ryan tells him it's French love poems and Frank calls him a "romantic."

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