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The Beginning Of The End

Summer and Kirsten chat about Seth and the lack of enthusiasm for life Summer's decided he has lately. Summer, he's stuck at home working at a comic store. It's okay that he's in a rut. He's going to college, and then he'll be fine. What's the problem? I don't even care. Of course, Seth is spying on Summer from behind a plant, his video camera taping everything.

Kaitlin sticks another Frank Atwood clown porn sign up on a Promenade business' window. Julie comes up from behind her and rips it down before grabbing the rest of the fliers out of Kaitlin's hands. She asks Kaitlin how Ryan would feel if he saw these fliers, and Kaitlin probably didn't think of that. Julie asks Kaitlin what her problem with Frank is. Kaitlin doesn't say anything about fearing for her and her mother's safety while sharing a home with a man with a history of violence, but instead says that in this year alone, they lost Jimmy, Marissa, Dr. Neil, and now the BULLIT. Yes, Kaitlin, but only one of those losses was actually sad. I'll leave you to figure out which one I'm talking about. Hint: it's not a Cooper. Or a Roberts. "What makes you think that this guy's gonna stick around any longer?" Kaitlin demands, her voice breaking. Julie says she thought Kaitlin gave her her blessing to date Frank. Yeah, she did, but Taylor also said she wasn't going to obsess over Ryan saying he loved her. I think O.C. stands for "Oh my god, these plots run in Circles." Kaitlin says she wanted Julie to date Frank, not have him all moved into the house they squat in after just one week. "He is not family! You and I are!" Kaitlin says; "Why can't we just act like that for a little while?" Frank chooses this time to walk up and say they're bringing out Taylor's cake. Kaitlin looks pained. Julie sends Kaitlin back inside so she can talk to Frank. Wow, Willa Holland really improved this season. Great job.

Ryan finds Taylor sulking in some bushes. She asks him what the deal is with his present. "Are you trying to send me a message?" she asks. Yes, and that message is: improve your vocab skills. Nothing wrong with that. Ryan admits he's feeling weird about the Berkeley thing. Taylor tells him that she actually applied to Berkeley before they started dating, which seems to change things in his mind, and that she wanted to know how he felt about her before she told him. He says going to college together is a "big decision." She asks him if he would have said he loved her if he knew about Berkeley. Ryan doesn't answer. Taylor leaves. But first she has to face a room full of people singing "Happy Birthday" and a giant cake. Taylor steps forward to blow out the candles, then decides to run away instead. Still no earthquake.

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