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The Beginning Of The End

Sandy tells Ryan that he and Kirsten will take care of cleaning up The Pav while Ryan goes off to think about stuff. Ryan walks two feet before he finds Kaitlin sitting on a bench, looking pouty. She points out that Julie and Frank are breaking up, and it's her fault. She has nothing against Frank personally (although she should), but she just didn't want to "rush into an insta-family." Unless it's with the BULLIT. Ryan says when he moved in with the Cohens, he thought it would only last a week, but it's four years later and he's still there. Ryan promises Kaitlin that whether or not things work out with Frank, he'll "always be [her] brother... in a completely non-creepy way." Kaitlin tells him to tell Taylor he loves her or else he's an idiot. Julie enters the scene to agree with this.

Seth shows Summer the video he took of her and Kirsten talking about him. He says he gets that she wants him to be passionate about something, but he doesn't know if filmmaking is it. He might be interested in being a film critic, however. "That sounds awesome," he says in face of Summer's disapproval of spending one's life watching movies and telling everyone how much they suck. That's right it's awesome, Seth! Summer doesn't understand you. But I do. Issues unresolved, Summer and Seth leave to rent An Inconvenient Truth.

Julie tells Kaitlin that she told Frank they needed to slow down their relationship so she could spend more time with her daughter. Julie acts all proud of herself like it's special for a mother to spend time with her daughter. Kaitlin pushes her luck and asks for ice cream.

Taylor watches Sixteen Candles and calls a psychic hotline. Ryan comes knocking, and Taylor tells "Esmeralda" she'll call her next year and hangs up. Ryan comes in and gives Taylor her real birthday present, the poems. She says it's an amazing gift. Ryan apologizes for freaking out on her. He says he loves her again and he doesn't want to lose her. And to that end, apparently, they can go to Berkeley together. Taylor's eyes well and she's speechless. Ryan points out that that's a first. They make out and the world shakes. YES!

Julie and Kaitlin drop their ice creams and run for shelter.

Windows start exploding in the Roberts home. I guess that's Dr. Neil's final "fuck you" to Julie -- setting her up to live in a place with absolutely no earthquake protection. Ryan and Taylor head for the floor so the maximum amount of objects can fall on them.

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