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The Shape Of Things We've Seen Before
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It's morning in the stereotypical Kirsten-less bachelor pad. Seth is shocked to find cereal in the cabinets. Ryan reports that the milk has gone off, meaning that breakfast will have to consist of hummus and sesame beef, which no one wants. Sandy says it's important that they share a meal together, this being a "coming-of-age" moment for the Cohen family -- Ryan and Seth's first day as seniors. Ryan says they're just doing registration today. Do high schools have registration? I don't know; I went to a public school with all the other poor underprivileged people, where we took whatever classes we could get. And we walked fifteen miles to get there in the snow! And we LIKED IT. Sandy says that the Cohen family loves their coming-of-age moments, like Seth's bar mitzvah, which must have been awesome and I am sad that we didn't get a flashback here. They all comment on how Kirsten kept the house really clean with her womanly ways. "She's a woman with many talents," Sandy laments, and Seth and Ryan exchange "uh...TMI" looks. And then the three make plans for their coming-of-age dinner.

The doorbell rings. It's Julie, and Sandy tells her she has a lot of nerve showing up there. She certainly doesn't have balls, as her tight dress makes abundantly clear. Julie apologizes for that whole thing where she was trying to protect her family and reputation at the expense of any and everyone else, and then says that they need to focus on a bigger problem right now: the Harbor PTA has made a petition and "filed a motion" to have Ryan and Marissa expelled from school. Oh, ridiculous. Seth and Ryan walk by them and out the door, neither one having a problem with the fact that the woman who tried to send Ryan to jail forever is hanging out, and then Julie says that she and Sandy need to put their differences aside and work together to keep their kids in school. Until Julie goes behind everyone's back to have her daughter kept in school at Ryan's expense, of course.

Is anyone surprised when we begin the episode with Death Cab for Cutie's new single? I'm happy, though, because I really love this song. Then it got stuck in my head for the rest of the week and I wasn't so thrilled anymore. The gang gathers at the diner, where they order their last pre-registration breakfast. Summer is sad that all these traditions she just made up are coming to an end. Marissa and Ryan say they'd just like to graduate school without any more drama. I think we can safely assume that is not going to happen. Summer would rather focus on talking about stuff that's important to her, like making her senior year totally awesome. This seems to directly contradict Ryan and Marissa's desire for a drama-less year, but everyone agrees with Summer.

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