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The Shape Of Things To Come

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The Shape Of Things We've Seen Before

The gang rides a ferris wheel. Ryan and Marissa try to enjoy their time together, while Seth whines and moans that he's feeling sick and might barf on them. I think that's less his "Jew stomach" and more his "non-religion-specific desperate need for attention" acting up there. Ryan and Marissa ignore Seth and have approximately three seconds of happiness before the ride abruptly stops. Whoops! Dean Evil and his silly blue sweater vest want Marissa to leave. Taylor's right behind him. "She is Karl Rove!" Summer gasps. Awesome. The EVENT STAFF let Ryan and Marissa off the ride, and Ryan says that Marissa is his guest, and that they're not on school property. Marissa says she'll leave, and then Dean Evil grabs her arm and drags her away. "Ow. Ow," says Marissa. Ryan protests, and Dean Evil tells him to shut up or he'll be expelled. So Ryan hauls off and punches Dean Evil in the face. "That's not good," Seth contributes. Dean Evil stands up, admires the tiny trickle of blood coming out of his nose, and grins that this is his lucky day. The two kids he has a vendetta against for no apparent reason are both getting kicked out now! Dean Evil tells Ryan to scram, and that if he or Marissa ever set foot near the school again, Dean Evil will call the police. An acoustic, hand-clappy version of "California" plays (I guess that's the "shocker ending you won't believe" the commercials for this episode promised -- I had no idea there was a new version, nor did I ever think we needed one!) as Ryan and Marissa leave the carnival. Ryan walks right out, but Marissa lingers a minute to look through the fence at the world she's leaving behind. Then Ryan comes back, throws an arm around her, and walks her away. So much for not protecting her.

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