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The Shape Of Things We've Seen Before

Death Cab for Cutie play us into Julie and Sandy at Harbor, waiting to see Dr. Kim. She allows them into her office, where she informs them that over a thousand parents have signed the "Expel the Attempted Rape Victim and Her Attempted Murder Victim Boyfriend" petition. Sandy begs Dr. Kim not to expel anyone. Julie says that her daughter wears Chanel. There is a reason why Sandy is a lawyer and Julie is not. Dr. Kim says this isn't up to her -- the board has brought in a "specialist" to deal with the matter: a Dean of Discipline, who is currently waiting outside to hear his name so that he can breeze in and introduce himself. Dean Hess has spoken to the "arresting officers" (arresting who, exactly? Ryan, who was released as soon as it was discovered that Trey lied?) and read Ryan and Marissa's files, so he knows what he's dealing with. I can't even get my local police station to answer their phone when I'm trying to call about a possible fight outside my apartment, so I'd like to know how Dean Hess got their attention for his silly little private-school investigation. Maybe he flashed the Dean of Discipline badge he had made up. Sandy recommends talking to the kids before Hess makes any decisions about their future, adding that Ryan and Marissa won't have a shot at going to college (probably not a selective one, anyway) if they get expelled. The Dean of Discipline doesn't care.

Jimmy meets a shady character at a bar. Jimmy's visibly nervous, and promises that he'll have "the money" soon. The shady guy says that he's been waiting for two months for the money as it is, and that he's getting really sick of waiting. Jimmy assures him that the money is coming. Oh, Jimmy, you unreformed sleazeball.

Summer is wearing some ugly-ass boots as she and Marissa talk about the upcoming year for the Social Committee. Summer doesn't want any part of it, despite Marissa's urgings, and then they watch as new character Taylor Townsend announces to the group that she has some great ideas for this season's edition of the Kickoff Carnival, since she spent her summer thinking of them instead of, oh say, worrying about the pending criminal charges against her. Summer busts in and tells Taylor to step down from Social Committee Chair Marissa's podium. Taylor insincerely apologizes, saying she figured Marissa wouldn't be chairing anything after the summer she had. She volunteers to step in if Marissa needs help, since she's been doing Marissa's job for the past year anyway. Ha! Summer sassily bobs her head as she orders Taylor to take those files and papers off the podium when she leaves. Taylor and Summer exchange narrowed eyes as Marissa watches and wonders when, exactly, she lost the ability to speak for herself. (The answer is the pilot episode, by the way.) Taylor leaves, and Summer mutters, "That bitch is goin' DOWN!" It's fun to play ghetto when you're a rich white girl!

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