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Fortunately, the school day only lasted long enough to introduce two new characters, as Ryan "Chair of the Anti-Social Committee" Atwood and Seth "Chair of the Seth Cohen Rocks Committee" Cohen are now back home, where Ryan is ridding the fridge of spoiled food while Seth is putting the finishing touches on the "Seth Cohen Starter Pack -- Rehab Edition" for Kirsten, which contains books by Chuck Klosterman, Craig Thompson, and Motley Crüe's autobiography, because when it comes to getting over your addiction to alcohol, nothing helps like a book with a huge bottle of Jack Daniels-y looking liquor on the cover. ["I'm just glad Seth decided to leave out Augusten Burroughs, because that dude is a heeeee-yack." -- Wing Chun] Ryan takes one of the two half-full garbage bags off the kitchen table and they leave the room, Seth glancing at the other garbage bag and then choosing to pretend it doesn't exist. As soon as Ryan realizes that Seth has no intention of helping him out here, he goes back and takes the other bag. It's a nice touch, although it makes Seth looks like a total asshole. As they go to the garbage bins outside, Seth asks Ryan how his and Marissa's relationship is faring after the summer's complications. Ryan says that they've mutually agreed just to put all that behind them. Seth urges him to talk to Marissa about it, even though he and Summer were all about not letting them do that last week.

Kirsten stares at her half-full suitcase. 7 'n 7 walks in and says that she, too, is leaving SURIAK soon. Kirsten says she's really looking forward to seeing her family again, and 7 'n 7 takes an uninvited seat on Kirsten's bed and says she knows that Kirsten is nervous about going home. She tells a helpful little story about how the last time she went home after rehab, she immediately relapsed. Sounds like someone forgot to throw out that vanilla extract! So, 7 'n 7 says, this time she's going to spend some time at her father's cottage between rehab and home to get adjusted. Kirsten says that makes sense. "There's a lot of extra room -- IN BED!" 7 'n 7 says. She didn't say that "in bed" part, obviously, but I'm starting to find that 7 'n 7's lines, like fortune cookies fortunes, are more fun to hear when you add that at the end. 7 'n 7 tells Kirsten to "think about" her offer, and leaves. Kirsten makes her thinking face.

Julie meets Jimmy for some fine dining. He's obviously been there for a while: he's deep into what I'm guessing isn't his first glass of wine. They talk about Marissa for three seconds, and then Julie's gigantic martini is delivered to her table. It's good to see that the props from Absolutely Fabulous aren't going to waste. The bill arrives (I guess their dinner is purely a liquid one), and Jimmy stammers that he left his wallet in the car, like, I know you've been drinking all day, Jimmy, but you really should have been able to think of a better excuse than that. Like what I do when I go out to eat with friends, which is say I don't have the cash but I do have a credit card if everyone wants to give me the cash and I'll charge the whole thing, counting on that being more trouble than it's worth and that someone will put up the cash for me with my promise to pay them back. With that said, I really, really hope no one I've had dinner with in the last five months is reading this. They put the drinks on Caleb's tab, which they've apparently been doing all summer, and then Julie's cell phone rings.

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