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The Shape Of Things We've Seen Before

Over at the Cohen residence, with its extremely fake sunset over the fake ocean backdrop, Sandy has also gotten a call. As Ryan sets the table outside, Sandy asks his caller if there's anything he can do to reverse the decision. Apparently, there is an "opportunity for appeal." Sandy says that they're making a huge mistake.

Outside, Ryan asks Chef Seth if their steaks are done yet. "Grilling is an art form. It can't be rushed," Seth calls back to this show's better times as someone desperately hopes to recapture the magic. Sandy comes out, all hunched over in his Bad News walk, and informs the boys about the latest plot development. Harbor doesn't want Ryan and Marissa to come back. Ryan immediately assumes that this story's going to end with his expulsion, but Sandy, sounding as surprised as anyone, says that Ryan is still a student there. Marissa, however, isn't. Hee hee hee.

Because they apparently don't allow kids to visit rehab, Sandy has to bring Kirsten the Seth Cohen Starter Pack - Rehab Edition on his latest visit. Kirsten looks it over, and Sandy comments that Seth has a strange idea of "self-help." I think that's because, when it comes to "self" and "help," Seth's interest in the former widely beats out his interest in the latter. Kirsten claims to miss her sons (and yes, I think a tiny piece of my icy heart melts every time Sandy and Kirsten refer to Ryan as their son), and Sandy says that everyone misses her. His observant lawyer eyes notice the large suitcase by Kirsten's bed, and he's hoping that means she'll be coming home with him. Kirsten says that while she is leaving SURIAK, it's not to come home -- she's going to a cabin with a "friend." 7 'n 7 has "a lot of experience with these things -- IN BED," Kirsten explains. Sandy's understandably hurt. Kirsten says that she's terrified of relapsing, and that she doesn't want to come home unless she's sure she'll be staying there. She might not want to leave rehab at all, then. She's got to be better off there than alone with a woman she barely knows who has a history of relapsing as soon as she leaves rehab, I'd think. Sandy asks when Kirsten will be ready to come home. Kirsten doesn't know, but I'm guessing it's however many episode Jeri Ryan is signed to appear in.

Marissa "Still Chair of the Chair-Throwing Committee" Cooper lies in bed and stares at her Care Bear, as she is wont to do, contemplating how its stitched-on facial expression shows more emotion than her own. The gang enters, bearing smiles and, more importantly, breakfast, and say they're her support group, and that they are getting her back in school. Speaking of which, shouldn't the three of them be there right about now?

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