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The Shape Of Things We've Seen Before

Oh, I see a lifeguard shack! That means it's my time to fall asleep. Oh, hold on -- Ryan has a new leather jacket. I shall stay awake for this. He walks up and apologizes to Marissa, who says "I know," as opposed to returning the apology. Goodbye, NewMarissa! You were nice while you lasted. Ryan says he's always been worried that he would screw up everything the Cohens gave him, but this time he screwed things up for Marissa. Marissa says that nothing is screwed up. She may not be going to school with them, but she's still in Newport. Damn.

Seth and Summer get off a ride. Seth says his stomach is "far too Jewish" for spinny rides. And he's only half Jewish! I wonder if full Jews continuously projectile vomit for the duration of the ride. Taylor comes up behind Summer and thanks her for adding all those touches to the carnival, especially since she knows how hard it must be for Summer with Marissa ostracized from the school and all. Summer momentarily wonders why Taylor is talking about ostriches -- did one escape from the petting zoo? -- then tells Taylor she's wrong: Marissa is on her way to the carnival as they speak. Seth says that this is the best carnival ever, and they walk away triumphant. When they get some distance between themselves and Taylor, Seth says he didn't know Marissa was coming. Summer says she didn't know either, so she's surprised to see Ryan and Marissa arriving.

Kirsten walks outside to find 7 'n 7 sobbing. That's probably because she's sitting in the dirt with a silk bathrobe on. Oh, the dry cleaning bills! 7 'n 7 says she has something she needs to tell Kirsten, and she pulls out a bottle of liquor. Kirsten appears to roll her eyes, which I would totally do. Bitch drags me to a cabin in the middle of nowhere and then waves temptation in my face! 7 'n 7 says she hasn't actually had anything to drink yet. But she might, especially when Kirsten leaves the cabin to go home. "What am I gonna do when you're gone? I can't do this without you (in bed)!" says 7 'n 7. Kirsten promises that she won't go anywhere until 7 'n 7 is ready. Uh...well...huh. Good to see that the random chick you met in rehab is more important to you than your husband and sons are. Kirsten holds out a hand, and 7 'n 7 gives her the bottle. Then she wipes her nose and puts her snotty hand in Kirsten's. Ew. "Let's go to bed. You'll feel better in the morning," Kirsten says. "I'll be right behind you (in bed)," says 7 'n 7. Kirsten totally trusts that and leaves 7 'n 7 alone to break out her secret stash of Listerine. Indeed, 7 'n 7 immediately wipes her tears away and whips out a flask. She drinks what I'm going to take a wild guess and assume is not iced tea, and then smiles. You know, I think I might actually like 7 'n 7. I thought Jeri Ryan did a good job in this scene. Fewer Glares of Nebulous Intent and more boozing, please!

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