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The Showdown

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The Showdown

Seth reads from the comic. He is boring. Apparently, he pilfered, "Welcome to Atomic County, bitch," because that's a climactic line from the demonic water-polo player. I wish Luke had shown up for this. I wish anyone else connected to these two characters had cared. Reed gets up and yanks Seth away from the microphone. "You've read for an hour and described every panel! You're finished!" she says through a fake smile. Seth plops down and snatches a bottle of water, which Zach decides is his; they grapple. "Why don't you get a haircut, okay? Everyone's a little sick of the Shaun Cassidy thing," Seth mutters. Sing it, brother. Reed sharply shushes them and thanks everyone for coming, announcing that, as an added bonus, everyone who gets a signed copy of the comic can pose for a photo with Little Miss Vixen. Summer struts out in big boots, pink tights, a black mini, a mask, and a sparkly corset, wielding a whip. All the comic-book geeks are thrilled. "Nice whip," manages Seth. "Yeeaaahh," Zach breathes. Oh, like they've never seen it before; she's been using it on them for months now.

Julie shows up at The Arches and gets a warm greeting from the maitre d', who tells her she looks beautiful and is probably wondering if it's kosher to have her autograph a copy of her movie. Caleb isn't there yet; as she beams and glitters and awaits him, a woman shows up and asks Julie to sign for a delivery. She's off her guard, so Julie signs and cheerfully opens the envelope. What's inside makes her eyes turn steely.

Armed with a killer bod and murderous rage, Julie stomps into Caleb's office: "You're divorcing me? You son of a bitch!" She can't believe he watched her scurry around trying to cook and clean and wear aprons, all to save something he was in negotiations to destroy. "I am going to make you PAY, pre-nup or not, I'll bleed you dry," she hisses. Caleb tosses the photos of her with Lance across his desk and encourages her to explain those before she makes any more idle threats. Julie is aghast that he had her followed, and stares almost uncomprehendingly at the pictures. Caleb tells her she's been "monitored" since before they started dating, so among other things, he knows all about Luke and Jimmy. Julie's jaw drops. "I mean, your daughter's boyfriend?" Caleb tsks amusingly. "Ex-boyfriend," Julie manages to murmur without closing her gaping mouth. Hee. Caleb says he was willing to give Julie a chance even with all that sordid stuff, but hooking up with her blackmailer was the straw that broke the geriatric camel's back. Julie tries to tell him that nothing happened, but Caleb snaps that he doesn't have the stomach for her denials, or for spicy food. "You have a week to find somewhere else to live," he says. "Then I want you and your daughter gone. Get out of my office." As Julie turns to leave, tears bubbling in her angry eyes, Caleb gleefully drives one last nail into the Cooper-Nichol coffin: "Oh, by the way, you're fired." Ouch. This show and Melinda Clarke are working well together, because they have me feeling sorry for Julie.

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