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The Showdown

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The Showdown

Summer poses with all the budding Atomic County fans, who are just glad to know at long last what a woman smells like. Nary a person who's important to Seth or Zach is here. Woo! Seth yanks Summer backstage. "What are you doing? I'm working," she says importantly. Seth apologizes for Miami and promises that he won't do it again. Summer is understandably unsympathetic to his promise that he won't eat whipped cream off a random girl ever again. Seth falls to his knees. "I'm an ass. I know that," Seth says. "And I know I don't deserve another shot. But I love you. And I think you love me too. Please." As Summer is about to answer, Zach interrupts them, furious that Seth is using this moment to his advantage. Seth taps Zach lightly to get him to scram; Zach pushes back. Seth wimpily pushes again. This leads to them all-out pouncing on each other, and not to make out, as we perhaps suspected early in the season when they were the cutest little comic-book couple on Earth. They roll through the curtain and get twisted up in it; through it, you can hear muffled grunts like, "Stop pinching me," and "Stop pulling my hair." I love a good wuss fight. They are now rolling around the store making quite a spectacle of themselves. Reed is horrified, as the audience watches with fascination as the comic itself comes to rather bizarre life. Displays everywhere are falling down and falling apart. Seth finally jerks himself upright out of the curtain, only to have his head clock Summer in the nose. As Seth turns around to attend to her, and Zach winds up and dings him on the head with a cut-out of The Ironist, a move that makes about three thousand statements -- large and small -- about Seth and the show. Reed tries to usher people out of the store as Summer impatiently screams and cracks the whip in Seth and Zach's direction. Panting, they stop grappling and demand that she choose between the two of them, because neither one of them wants to pay for spinal-implantation surgery. Summer stares at them and decides to pull a half-Kelly Taylor: "I choose neither!" As the guys choke on their shock, Reed hisses at them to clean up the mess they made.

Ryan tries to reach Marissa, but can't. Sandy knocks on the door and asks if everything is okay. "Marissa and I got in a fight about...I don't even know what," a puzzled Ryan tries to explain. Sandy figures it must be going around, and says he can't find Kirsten. He was hoping Ryan would tell her, if she comes home, that Sandy is trying to find her. Ryan hedges, because wants to go after Marissa. And then, finally, Ryan asks if it's okay that neither of them are going to Seth's comic book launch. No, actually, Ryan, it isn't. It is shitty of you. Hear me, Sandy? Go support your son for five minutes, twiddle a brow, and then troll the bars for your wife. Lord. Sandy lies that he thinks he can get there before it ends if he finds Kirsten quickly. Uh-huh.

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