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School's Out For Summer

Back at Party Central, teenagers are indiscriminately mixing various liquors in a blender. Ryan and Seth enter and decide to split up.

Ryan enters Summer's bedroom without so much as knocking, where he finds Roger in bed with someone. And that someone is Connor! Guess he figured out his sexuality after all. "Is this your boyfriend?" Connor asks Roger, who just shakes his head "no." Ryan averts his eyes and asks if Taylor's in there with them. She isn't, making this one of the only threesome opportunities she's missed. Instead of leaving the guys alone to do their thing, Ryan decides to defend Taylor's honor, saying that Taylor really likes Roger and it's wrong of him to lead her on if he's actually gay. Roger, who has sex with his glasses on, says that Taylor paid him off with a rare Kitano action figure to pretend to be her boyfriend. Ryan tells the boys to carry on and leaves. They do just that. Here's hoping Summer's love of the environment does not extend to refusing to use vigorous amounts of laundry detergent on those sheets.

Seth spots Bright and confronts him. "What are you doing here, Sandals?" he asks. Summer comes out from behind Bright and is thrilled to see him. Bright asks Seth not to interfere with his and Summer's "journey towards the truth." Seth says Bright is on a journey "to the pool!" Because it's not an O.C. party until someone lands in the pool! Seth's brave move is slightly ruined by the slow-motion shot of him slapping his hands out girlishly, but still. Bright goes flying into the pool, taking Summer along with him. I hope that awesome shirt she's wearing doesn't get ruined.

A defeated Riley shows up at the party. She's been crying and tells Kaitlin that no one came to her party. I feel bad for her even if though she's an evil bitch. Something about throwing a party and no one coming breaks my heart. "So you dressed like a ho for no reason?" Kaitlin asks, surveying Riley's outfit. "I changed before I came here," Riley says. "Oh," Kaitlin says. And here we see the flaw in having a ho-themed party. Aren't all girls supposed to dress their most ho-ish for parties anyway? Riley should have had a pimps and ho-ho-hos party instead, in the spirit of the season. Riley says that Kaitlin is now the new ruler of Harbor and she will serve her every command. When did high school become a wacky cult? Kaitlin says she doesn't want Harbor. Riley can have it, but she should be nicer to her friends. She might also want to consider dating a guy who isn't "totally gay." Kaitlin walks off, calling 911 to report a "totally lame party." I have no idea what she meant by that; is she reporting Riley's party, which has no people at it, or her own?

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