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School's Out For Summer

A post-dip-in-the-pool Summer and Bright finally work out their problems. Bright sobs that he's a worthless coward while Summer is a "glorious martyr." Being a martyr is only fun if you don't mind losing your head. Otherwise, it's not everything it's cracked up to be. Just ask Thomas Becket. Seth hands them both towels, apologizing to Summer for not realizing she was handcuffed to Bright when he shoved him in the pool. Bright tells Summer that she was his best friend and the only person who joined "the cause" because she really believed in it. And because she was trying to distract herself from her friend's tragic death. But still. Anyway, way to turn in your best friend and the only person who was worth something to your cause, Bright. Smart. He says he's really sorry for letting her down. Summer says she knew the possible consequences when she freed those bunnies, so it's not fair to spend the rest of her life blaming Bright for it. Seth says the forgiveness comes with an asterisk next to it that says Bright doesn't deserve this. And he really doesn't. But I think I would have said anything at that point to get him away from me, so I understand where Summer's coming from. Bright congratulates Summer on being even more enlightened than he is and unlocks her. Seth tells him to be on his way back to Brown. Bright agrees and asks "Dalton" if he's ready to leave. A stereotypical British butler walks out and tells "Winchester" his bags are packed. Bright says that "Che" comes from that, not, as we all suspected, from Ché Guevara. That's lame: I would have selected the nickname "Win," which I think is much cooler. Dalton says Bright's private plane is ready to send him back to Brown. Bright says that the reservation he grew up on is really just a former Native American reservation turned family compound. His father owns a pharmaceutical company. I certainly hope it doesn't experiment on animals! Because if it does, then Bright is reaping the benefits of those advancements every day he's at Brown protesting against them. Bright bids his caterpillar and the defender of her honor good-bye, and Seth says that Bright was a liar, coward, and a hypocrite. "At least he had depth," he says. Compared to some of the other one-dimensional characters we've seen on this show, he sure did.

Ryan finally finds Taylor. She's trying to scrub the words someone wrote on Clown Ward's sleeping face off. Since this is a network show, Clown Ward only has a moustache and "I love poop" written on him. Ryan asks Taylor why she paid Roger to pretend he liked her. "What if I did rent a homosexual for the evening?" Taylor asks; "what difference does it make to you?" She says she's strange, and that's why Ryan ran away from her. Ryan says he didn't run away from her because he thinks she's strange -- although he does think that -- he ran away because he's not ready for a girlfriend right now. Taylor tells Ryan not to flatter himself -- she wasn't necessarily expecting this to be a serious thing. Ha! Then again, Taylor married the last guy she dated, so he does have some reason to be cautious. She says that Ryan is a "sweet, smart, great guy." And he's hot. This gets a cute little smile from Ryan. "What happens, happens," she concludes. Sometimes, she can act like a normal person. They're about to kiss when Taylor notes that this is her first high school bash, and she'd love to play "Seven Minutes in Heaven."

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