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School's Out For Summer

Julie returns to BULLET's table. He sincerely apologizes to her in his own BULLET way: "when God was handing out brains, I guess I was sitting on the toilet." That would be the Christian God, not the Jewish one, who is actually Satan. He says that Julie makes him really nervous, and he was just trying to make her laugh, especially since he knows what a hard time she's been through. She thanks him for this. He invites her to breakfast, asking if he should call her in the morning or just lean over and nudge her. Julie has to smile at that. I guess being really persistent works if you're also really rich.

Sandy and Kirsten are back home. A justice of the peace shows up at the door, sent by BULLET for their recommitment ceremony.

Kaitlin stands in the middle of her party while the action is sped up all around her. At one point, Roger and Connor walk by her, arm in arm, and I have to admire Connor for being so open about his sexuality as a high school student. Riley, Olivia, and Lea make peace and take off. Kaitlin picks up Taylor's brillo pad and starts trying to scrub "poop rocks" off of Clown Ward's face.

Julie gets a call from Spencer, thanking her for the great date he just had with Pam. He says he'll give her her "cut" when he sees her again. Julie is confused; her female clients aren't supposed to pay their dates. "That's illegal!" Julie says. Spencer says he won't say anything else about it on the open phone line. He hangs up, and Pam calls. She thanks Julie for the awesome date. "I am tin roof rusted!" Pam Cindy Wilsons. She says she'll be telling all her friends about New Match now and it was "worth every penny." "And what will you be telling them, exactly?" Julie asks. Oh, like she cares. Julie, you were destined to be a Madame. Just accept it and move on. It'll be a lot of fun for everyone. It might even make me like New Match

Sandy and Kirsten have their meaningless recommitment ceremony by the pool. Zzzz.

Ryan and Taylor finally make out. Taylor breaks it off, saying it's been seven minutes. Ryan says he thinks eight minutes would be okay. Or nine. Or even ten! It's nice to see him having a real personality.

Summer and Seth try to figure out how they're going to survive being apart again next semester, with Seth in Rhode Island and Summer stuck in Newport. Seth floats the idea of putting RISD off for another semester so they can both go to school at the same time. Which is a pretty good idea, actually. I have to think starting college a semester behind everyone else would really suck. Summer likes that idea, and introduces Seth to Pancakes, who really needs a real home. It's cruel to stick it in that little carrier bag all the time. He was better off in the lab! Summer says Pancakes is like her daughter or her son; she's not really sure which. Seth takes one look and confirms that Pancakes is a boy. Well, duh. Everyone knows that Pancakes is a boy's name. Seth doesn't really like animals, but he gamely strokes Pancake's ear while asking how long rabbits live. "Infinity," Summer says. I'm guessing it'll be more like three episodes. I'm hoping for infinity, though. Anyway, congratulations to The O.C. for getting all of its characters back in town and out of college one way or another!

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