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School's Out For Summer

Julie and Kirsten are shocked to find a crowd of young, hot, suitable bachelors on their New Match doorstep. I'd be shocked to find customers too, if I were them. It's Spencer and his friends, and they have the money to pay for memberships at New Match (a fee that Kirsten claims is "rather steep," as if New Match were high-end enough for that. They should be paying people to use them!). Spencer hands Julie a check and his cell phone, which is ringing. BULLET is on the other end. He shouts his stupid trademark "bang!" and asks Julie what she thinks of his amazing bachelor-wrangling abilities. Julie doesn't seem to appreciate his gesture, turning down his offer to spend the weekend with her by claiming to have plans to spend it with Kirsten and Sandy at the Montage for their anniversary. Couldn't she have just said "no" and left it at that? Julie is an idiot for telling BULLET where she'll be, as he says he'll see her there and hangs up. Now Julie has to plan an anniversary weekend for Kirsten and Sandy. If it involves five kegs and a quarter ounce of weed, she's in luck.

Ryan stops by the comic book store on his way out of work. Taylor's there after hours, but she's not alone. She has a new male friend. Roger is your standard O.C. version of a "nerd," that is, an attractive guy with glasses and weird hair that try to make him look less attractive. He and Taylor share a love of anime, and Taylor claims to be smitten with him. Ryan says he was just stopping by to offer a ride home. "I've got my bike, thanks," Roger geeks. "Not you," Ryan says, shooting him a death ray glare. Taylor says that while she'd love to get a ride home from a friend, she and Roger were planning to spend the night hanging out in the comic book store, which seems to have no problem with its temporary employees using it as a date spot. Ryan walks off, looking very disappointed indeed. Too little, too late. Hilariously, the closed captioning actually has Roger saying a line that we don't hear on the show: "most stores won't even let me in, but you did."

Meanwhile, Summer is packing up a box and wearing a shirt I covet. She's on the phone with Seth, who's just getting a cab ride home from the airport. Summer says she told her father about her suspension and says he was "disappointed." I'll bet he was -- he just paid for a semester of Ivy League tuition for nothing! The doorbell rings, and Summer jumps to answer, hoping it's Seth. But it's not -- it's Bright, kneeling on the doorstep. He says he's come to atone for his sins. Summer slams the door in his face. Ha! Good. Then she opens it just so she can close it again!

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