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We open on Marissa, which is nice, because it immediately tips off any Marissa haters not to watch this episode, which will be all about her. Then again, that's been EVERY episode this season, so I'd think the Marissa haters would have moved on to something else to watch on their Thursday nights. Marissa's having a bad dream in which she sees recycled footage of Trey almost raping her and then her shooting him in the back. Only a difficult, high-maintenance bitch like Marissa would have a dream that forced me to go back through all of Season 2 to find the right links. Plus she dreams in fast-forward, so it doesn't even fill that much time. Ugh. Marissa wakes up from her nightmare, glistening with super-sexy sweat, and leaves the bed she's sharing with Summer. I guess the StepMonster took all the beds away when she removed all the mirrors from the mansion. Alternately, Marissa and Summer are totally doin' it.

Marissa goes out into the hallway, giving us all a better view of her decision to wear a transparent scrap of sateen she picked up from the JoAnn Fabrics sale bin as a pajama top. And so that she can call Ryan without waking Summer up. Nice of her to take Summer's need for body-replenishing sleep into consideration there, although I don't know why she couldn't have done the same for Ryan while she was at it. Over in the poolhouse, Ryan and his hot little wifebeater (yes, I approve of tiny pajama tops for men but make fun of them on women. I'm a hypocrite) wake up and answer the ringing phone. I'm surprised he doesn't have a special ring for Marissa, like maybe Death Cab for Cutie's "The Sound Of Settling." Marissa tells Ryan about how she had this dream, and Ryan was there, and Trey was there, and listening to other people's dreams is never fun. Especially not when you're abruptly woken up to do it. Marissa says that she's scared. Ryan tells her not to be, because Trey is gone (until he comes back to wreak havoc in Season 5) and everything is okay. He says that they'll talk more in the morning. Marissa hangs up, and there's Summer next to her, wearing long-sleeve PJs because the temperature on the opposite sides of her bed apparently varies wildly. Marissa complains that Ryan hasn't been very supportive of her residual difficulties in dealing with the Trey thing, especially considering that he "went through it" with her. Except that Trey is Ryan's brother and didn't try to rape him, so I think his take on the situation might be a little different. Also, he's trying to sleep. Summer says that she's there for Marissa. Marissa wishes Ryan could tell her that, even though he does in the episodes when we're supposed to think they're the most perfect couple ever. So, every other week. Back in bed, Ryan reaches for his phone, opens it, and then changes his mind and goes back to bed. Good boy.

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