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Seth is spending his lock-in time alone. Taylor Townsend walks up and thanks him for helping her out before, and says she thinks they can work something out for Summer and Ryan. They share a pizza topped with the shared experienced of friendlessness.

Marissa drops Summer off at the lock-in. But it's too late: the doors are locked. Summer bangs on the doors, somehow believing a Taylor Townsend-run event will cut her any kind of break. Taylor Townsend hears her and calls to her through the door, but then she glances back at Seth and realizes that, with Summer gone, she can spend the entire night with him. She leaves Summer outside. You go, Taylor Townsend! Summer continues to bang on the door, but no one can hear her, which is just about as ridiculous as the fact that this lock-in is unchaperoned. What's up with that, Dr. Kim?

Johnny buys Ryan some diner food and asks him where he learned how to fight "like that." Like what? Punching unsuspecting people in the face and then leaving before they can retaliate? From the School of Dishonor, I'd guess. Ryan says he learned how to fight in Chino, although he never actually won a fight until he got to Newport, where people just let you punch them in the face and then lie on the ground like bitches.

Marissa and Summer stroll outside the diner. Summer complains that Seth is going to be upset with her for missing the lock-in. "I feel like it's my fault you missed the lock-in," says Marissa, adding, "Actually, I kind of feel like everything's my fault." She'd win the "Most Astute Character" award if it hadn't already been awarded to Julie. Summer asks Marissa if she's talking about Johnny and Casey, but Marissa says that wasn't what she meant. Of course not. Summer tells Marissa to wise up to the fact that Johnny likes her and everyone else knows it. Marissa whines that she wishes everything would just "slow down," whatever that means. They catch a glimpse through the diner windows of Ryan and Johnny hanging out in the diner, and Summer says she anticipates a few more problems. Can at least one of them not involve Marissa? Please?

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