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Marissa returns home to Summer, who invites her to dinner at the Cohens' tonight. Marissa promises to come after she finishes hanging out with Johnny on the beach. Marissa is still wearing that "shirt." I can't wait to see what happens to it when it meets a light ocean breeze.

Marissa finds a wetsuit-clad Johnny on the beach. He's taking a break from surfing, but Chili is still out there and Casey hasn't arrived yet, which conveniently leaves Marissa and Johnny alone together. They sit, and Marissa says that the ocean is so beautiful that she almost wishes she surfed. Johnny Olivers that surfing helped him deal with his sad past. Marissa asks him if he wants to talk about it, but Johnny would rather go get a sweatshirt from his car. Marissa says she'll call Summer while he's gone. Johnny asks Marissa if she's supposed to be somewhere else tonight. Marissa pauses, and then says no. Lame, Marissa.

Beef stew is on the Cohen dinner menu. Seth groans that he misses the days when his parents got takeout all the time. Summer enters and informs them that Marissa won't be joining them tonight. Ryan stops setting the table to ask why, and Summer admits that Marissa is on the beach. With Johnny. I thought Summer wanted Ryan and Marissa to stay together, and yet, here she is, sucking out at coming up with an excuse for Marissa that won't make it look like she's cheating on Ryan. The air is thick with tension as everyone waits to see how Ryan will react to this. Seth breaks the silence with a request that Ryan not punch Summer. Hee. Ryan tries to blow it off, but he's not happy.

Fortunately, Johnny lends Marissa a sweatshirt so that she can actually experience what it's like to wear real clothes. She notes that the shirt is from his old school's baseball team. Johnny says that he quit baseball and all of his other activities when he moved to Newport: "New town, new sports." But Marissa didn't skip beef stew to stop there, and asks Johnny for details. Johnny says he had a fight with his dad a few years ago and hasn't seen him since. And now we're stuck in a scene with two people who can't deliver many lines convincingly -- let alone serious and emotional ones -- from which there is no escape. Johnny, his voice pausing with sadness but not really, says that his dad was an abusive drunk who beat up his mother. One day, he came home and found him strangling her. "I just...lost it," he says. "Lost it," Marissa parrots. I'm about to lose it. Johnny says he grabbed his baseball bat and beat the crap out of his dad. He blacked out during the actual violence, and came to to find himself covered with blood and his dad unconscious on the floor. Marissa totally feels his pain, since she shot that guy once. She puts an arm around Johnny, and he says that the craziest part of this whole story is that Marissa is the person he's told it to. I actually think the crazy part was when he couldn't remember almost killing his dad, but that's just me. Casey finally arrives just in time to see her boyfriend and Marissa looking very close. I'll bet she's really glad she befriended poor, friendless, bullied Marissa now!

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